Frank Gore to retire as a 49er: ‘I started there and I’m going to finish there’

Niner legend locals back on his time in the Bay on ‘The Damon Bruce Show’

Karl Buscheck
March 15, 2019 - 4:20 pm

Frank Gore, the former longtime 49er running back, who’s set to play his 15th season after linking up with the Buffalo Bills, called into “The Damon Bruce Show” on Friday afternoon.

Suffice it to say that Gore, one of the most popular Niners of recent times, still has plenty of love for his old employer.

“I started there and I’m going to finish there,” Gore said on 95.7 The game. “When I’m done, whenever I feel like I’m done, I’m going to come back and retire as a Niner.”

It’s unclear whether Gore is talking about actually playing for the team again, or, more likely, signing a symbolic one-day contract with the 49ers.

“Tell all my fans I can’t wait to see them and I miss them.”


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