Forbes ranks Warriors as one of 10 most valuable franchises in the world, worth $3.5 billion

Golden State jumped 13% value in past year

Karl Buscheck
July 22, 2019 - 12:34 pm

Robert Reiners/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors are now one of the 10 most valuable sports franchises, ranking No. 9 on Forbes’ new list, valued at a cool $3.5 billion. 

Thank ranking makes the club, on the verge of moving into Chase Center, the third-most valuable NBA setup behind the Knicks (No. 5, $4 billion) and the Lakers (No. 8, $3.7 billion).

Co-chairman and CEO Joe Lacob and co-chairman Peter Guber originally bought the team for $450 million. 

The 49ers, at $3.05 billion (No. 16), are the second Bay Area franchise on the list. Over half the teams (26) in the top 50 are from the NFL. 

The Giants, $3 billion, are No. 18. The Raiders, valued at $2.42 billion, are the final local organization on the list at No. 34.

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