Even with the turkey leg, it’s hard not to like the 49ers’ addition of Sherman

Niners brought in longtime rival on reported 3-year deal

Bonta Hill
March 11, 2018 - 1:01 pm

When ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news that the San Francisco 49ers and the despised, bombastic cornerback Richard Sherman had reached an agreement on a three-year deal, I was ticked.

Not because he agitated, mocked and gave 49ers fans nightmares with his pompous ways, no, I was peeved because I wasn’t in studio with Matt Kolsky and Butcher Boy to discuss how the 49ers landed the four-time All-Pro.

All parties deserve credit: head coach Kyle Shanahan for a helluva pitch at a Los Gatos restaurant Friday night; general manager John Lynch on selling Sherman on the 49ers win-now attitude, and last but not least, executive vice president of football operations, Paraag Marathe — who just added a title as he was named President of 49ers Enterprises earlier this week — for constructing another team-friendly deal.

Also, kudos to Sherman for representing himself in the negotiations and essentially betting on himself to return to form as one of the best cornerbacks in football. The stats speak for themselves, something he reminded us all about Friday morning.

Is there risk to signing an outspoken veteran coming off an torn Achilles? Sure is, but there’s plenty of upside too.

For one, his football acumen is off the charts. He’s a film room junkie who will impart wisdom to the younger defensive backs in the locker room.

Educate yourself on how well Sherman studies for his opponents:

This move by the 49ers means backs up their claim of being a player in free agency. With the Los Angeles Rams adding Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters — two corners the 49ers were intrigued with — Lynch and company aren’t trying to fall behind their SoCal rivals. The 49ers want the NFC West crown and they want it immediately.

In the words of E-40, I modulated on this signing last night, cheating my girlfriend out of some quality time (sorry babe), and pondering what could go wrong.

If things go south in 2018 for the 49ers, what will Sherman’s temperament be? Again, he doesn’t mince any words, and for a second you have to wonder if that would be detrimental to a 49ers team that’s ascending with a locker room full of young players.

We’ll find out about that soon, but looking at this through a positive set of goggles, Sherman will be ready to rock by the start of training camp with a Mount Rainier sized chip on his shoulder.

Man, what a move by the 49ers. Even if you are struggling to get over Sherman causing a mess on the Levi’s Stadium grass with turkey meat, It’s hard not to like this move.

So with that said, it’s time to enjoy the weekend, like the 49ers brass are with their new cornerback.

This is bonkers, and I’m here for it.

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