Ep. 2 of ‘The Silver and Black Podcast’ — Towny on the new old receiver, Coop & the Broncos

Chris Townsend gets you locked in with the premier Raiders podcast

September 14, 2018 - 3:47 pm

The ubiquitous Chris Townsend brings you the second episode of “The Silver and Black” podcast to get you ready for the Raiders Week 2 clash with Denver.

Here’s the rundown from Towny’s conversation with the Raiders’ Eddie Paskal:

*What happened on Monday night

*The return of Martavis Bryant

*What’s up with Amari Cooper

*How Derek Carr can bounce back

*If Case Keenum is for real

Ep. 2 — Towny previews the Raiders, Broncos matchup w/ Eddie Paskal

The Silver and Black Podcast
Friday, September 14th
Chris Townsend talks to Eddie Paskal of the Raiders to previw the club's upcoming Week 2 matchup with Denver.

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Well welcome to this act in addition of these silver and black podcasts I'm Chris Townsend here at 957. Game what the heck do I do well. I do raiders' opening drive mighty raiders extra pint I'm the sideline guy on the raiders broadcast. Apart these silver black productions IA interviewed John gruden every single week for channel two. Monday nights I hose raider nation alive I do a lot of stuff around the raiders and we now do this podcast and that's going to be a lot of fondest or second one it. Of the season as will reflect on this week as some moves out of the main. And then also gets you ready for the Denver Broncos this game is gonna be really really tough. And we'll get in the history of Jon Gruden and Derek Carr. Against the Broncos up mile high and joining us today. Is a guy that you read and on. Raiders dot com he covers the raiders as good as anybody's in the building has all the insights. Eddie pass gallows with this Eddie thank you so much for taken its time. Of course that in during your little preamble there I would do could be that it probably you years they were you. Don't do that lifting up all the things that you dude you've been lying and we needed they would vote on yet a day. My last day off because also I work around the days my last day off was at the beach on July 20 I've worked every day since July 2 point. He is there missing amber. You learn machine. Yeah slot met my wife loves it what you get into it and you know what's funny too it's like you do all these different shows so like. Oh I forget we ask the FaceBook show raiders' locker at. Net and yet he'll end his body. You do raiders like I do raiders live on FaceBook but on radio I do raider nation line it's like can we convince all the damn names threes everyone name. It would it would be much easier for all parties that they threw it. Everything he's got out its own special name well in now. I didn't like they can about it and I've gone back and watch the game. And the more I think about it I know array raider nation's not thrilled but here's the reality all right Andy this is a reality in sports. You had eight seem. That's really one of the better teams in the NFL. That was in the playoffs last year. That are expected to win their division and compete for a chance to when the unit seeing go to the super bull. As our guy Brit must Berger sat on the broadcasts his friends in the desert have not put a lot of money out there on the rams to win the super ball. And many of the raiders who really are a group of guys that have just been put together this offseason haven't played a whole heck of a lot together. And that's what that game really looked like in the second half I know people are disappointed but now the more I kind of think about a Mike. Well what should we expect the rams were a team ready to Iraq. The raiders are a team that's still trying to find out who the hell they are. Yeah and I think you know. Obviously we've gone back into the game we start that became apparent. And I think the one thing to think kind calculated perfectly I think it's and they could gruden took credit of the game on on Monday night he goes you really it was a tale of two had a and you brought that you brought it appropriate to look. The ram their team that a lot of us expect. You know a lot of people think that there that the the class that the entity and it seeped into the team and Ian Atlanta hopefully they learn it it's in the attitude is something really really special and when he eighteenth. And let's not forget that at halftime the Reagan drip of guilt go on them. Now obviously if they get a little out of hand and that can happen I don't really think this score and was indicative of what I didn't really really wives but. Yeah you're adding new brands earned established team when a quarterback. A talented roster up and down. And the raiders give them credit played with them for thirty minutes now. This thirty minutes as you know is that equal to a full game actually not I think and score and it and it showed that a little bit but. Well at this it this way there's no reason you are ever reacted I was telling a deck how mart all sorts for the record I told them going into the electric cattle. Good bad ugly anywhere between you can't overreact to one week you just can't and god to the greater the chance to go off. Get on the road now take care of business on and at top division at in Denver but yet like you said. One game and that once you hit it one game this season or not. Now now aunt but odds say this. You don't wanna start out on to has now the minute you start out on you do about in the bat. Oh yeah 9888. It is not good that lets do it does some things that have happened this week. And this is disturbing so just analysis jellies been put on IR with a bad foot and he's out for at least eight weeks. Her back yet been it's been a busy week so yet generally go to and I are like people Florida before we we get the bat. The long snapper and the Pollock got hurt during the game Monday night. He's also put on why aren't we even knew long aperture NC who will be making is rated debut Sunday in Denver. Yet jelly goes on my we bring in bring into more defensive tackle Jonathan hang in the Clinton McDonnell. Both guys with experience in the league gathered at they have been there done that. That did but then also not only did you go to bed Deepak and an extra fabricated. Data was on the team yet a little over two weeks ago as part that initial roster cut that. But he backed you know so grand and it's only been one week but the raiders have been very busy turning overdid it you in China get the best beat you three dad on the tropic. Yeah and then also PGA hall and he's part of the group that. Add that he's part of the group that the young guys that are supposed to really improve his defense alliance or he's been ruled out for this game two and and why is that. Yes repeated the that you with a with a bum ankle as well but yeah hopefully PGA I think it is not a long term deal you'll. I'm sure we'll know a little bit more and in the coming days and week yes or no he did this week's up without PJ without gently I haven't in the argument you a lot of these new guys. And I think a little bit more and he put a missile at a big motors' Buick guy who. You know I think highly touted coming out of the jab well tolerated. Later it later in the draft but yeah I mean you the guy that I mean when you look at that interior net. Now that the two guys that I mentioned that yet today airs Sunday to be a big day tomorrow as well. So tell us a little bit about Clinton McDonald and Johnathan hankins what what's their background. Guys that have both been the lead actually Clinton McDonald toast with saying in the guys that came earlier in the yard he'd been to visit the raiders. Canon you know checking that is part of the community. Free agent attic and a prospect. And I got that for whatever reason at the time didn't materialize. And that not being greater than that. Fast forward to that and now that's sort of early this week and you guys that. And now is in silver and black and like we said earlier I think about him and and hang in there guys that we area we're gonna keep an amount up on Sunday afternoon in. Oh. All right. Oh what do you marte is Bryant kind of weird. The they traded form what a third round pick and then they released him I remember when he didn't play against the Seahawks in the Palm Pre season game. Easy for shares made the roster. They bring him back what was the deal of getting rid of them and bringing him back. Yeah I mean that's definitely an interesting situation there are sharing and it's kind of alluded to it be interesting nature that when you when you're that about it Q Bret. Yet demarcated back in the mix now and I think that you look at what can happen on on Monday night the ramp to the rent credit they have what it could you can't argue. You know one of the popular report you know beaten Rihanna felt that. You know the raiders wide receivers or whatever the reason. You know I'm Marc Cooper and get going sorting out and we're able to get going but because of that you know Jerry Cooke goes opera on an eighty yard etc. that's great. But you gotta give more protection at the lack receivers you got to have someone you could stretch the field that deep vertical threat and I would straight you know. You know race cars speed and that's exactly duplicated did so hopefully the hope is that he come in here. I don't get to open that he. On top of every now that he's okay that he did a good good remind space and he said he's gonna get space could gruden said he didn't get paid their cars that you know Bismarck hated it. Exactly where he needs to be mentally physically all that step which is which you wanna hear. But you know it it follow that the plan I don't know that many wide receivers in the NF lurk. It has truly explosive and a good athletes and irritated Brian is so although the plan. You're able to back guy who can take the top off of the defense and give a little more room recoup and dirty now and set Robertson. You know Jerry Cooke is a little room for those that operate tube but yet definitely definitely an interesting situation for number well. You know what I hate I hate when you hear you know wide and Marty Cooper doing thing in this game now we've gone back and we watched that film and he was open in the game and size that we talked about this over the last couple years with them. Yeah I mean it. Look if one catch for nine yards and get it done Lucknow I don't think there's anyone here you can argue with you that. Cooper who is supposed to be the focal point of this aerial attack this summer black haven't won catch is really to be a recipe for success. And obviously it was not on Monday night but I think it's important to an obviously. Monday being just a small sample size of the polls seem to combat. You know the rain and that they competed take a week to speed did effectively take Richard announcement but they weren't able to effectively take away the type and dare cut. And the jig is up for under eighty yards that's a franchise record. And judicial time and time again acute even versatile guy and kind of move around. I complete thank you look at but the Broncos last week Google basically it. Eight honorees at north and finding out that the opposing tight and too like that they think Jared is going to be a guy to keep an eye on Sunday afternoon but yeah. And you go back to Q1 ya you know one catch for nine yards and I can get it done that you know like it was I wrote about this this week. There's been no reason to be worried about a marked the project Mariette you know lead palace you to pop your wide receiver in the week. And you know didn't give credit to the ring and they took him away on Monday night. Yes and give a lot of props to cook because my god oh I mean blue and he was so physical. Running over guys. I mean really. The game would've been so different. That interception in the end zone at Derek actually would have thrown the ball correctly and thrown it over the back shoulder of cookie when it caught the touchdown he was open. So the ball was an under thrown and they would a cot that and scored that touchdown of the game would have been dramatically different. Well absolutely in a minute think we talked about earlier where. I don't necessarily know that and scored Monday night game it is an accurate representation of a game when I mean like he said he generator that three headed in the past time that. Yeah I mean Jared is that's you know very talk about it all the time about how much of a luxury it is as Jarrett on this roster. Where you know you look outside you gotta Marty Cooper on one side you get toward you know on the other side you get that Roberts in the slot. They're not have a guy like Jared who did. Is it essentially get back to another wide receiver also block girl. I mean that's it that's got to be a quarterback that's been I think at that he that we saw Monday night where we you look in there and under duress you look at Berkeley to go to ball. I mean you got scared coach can Jared goes hurt you know nine and 180 and I don't think that's gonna be the norm going forward unfortunately but. And security to have a guy like that only spoke to get things or not. And now here comes the Denver Broncos and I just wonder has Jon Gruden his career is one in nine. Against the Denver Broncos and we know the history of the Derrick. Is not great against the Denver Broncos and I just think well wait wit which Derek are we gonna get a week and again at the we get a get the Derrick that was 24 Taiwanese 898. Yards in the first half. Are we gonna get the guy who lets be honest look pretty skittish in the second half. Yeah I mean accurate yet they're gonna get bounce back there can mean if you look throughout his career. I kind of injury that I didn't have a lot of times were Derek really goes through a brat and he's not out being. You know really strong gains in aroused so obviously you look at what he did that very cabinet that their car that we eat meat grown accustomed to it. You know very decisive with the ball very preclinical and what you want to deal video commanding at the line it's gonna be Juliet or incomplete connectors that that if I remember correctly. And yet he was either the BQ on page a 400 yards and the band like you said the second half you know obviously a whole different story but. I think that's great about Derek I think they're really good at compartmentalizing. And realize okay. First thirty minutes grade second thirty minute and not so great you know attempt putting that behind him and you know realizing okay. And as kind of up and down as Monday was that behind us were on to the next. We got a really big division road challenged in the U Denver Broncos so. I truthfully and I KGB technically yeah I I'm expecting a big bounce back game from not only Eric Burke who took. Well and let's face it. They've got a very good pass rush and they absolutely pounded Russell Wilson in their 2724. Victory. And Von Miller added again have I did not do an opening day with three sacks for him. See some quarter precept and to put fumbles are gone I mean. If anybody. It bond and bond Miller is is that. It at that they meet you gotta look when the you look at this Denver defense everything is conservative on Miller and for good reason to demand that the man of the Nat monster. Bad three factor on the Brock hit six fax. So it was a wild on the certainly get an omen on the meeting the other got an island re eating too. So from Donald and Nicole Miller to the guys in the middle and in the rated up on the planet can have a big big big has. As Sunday afternoon amount eyes properties dad but you know. I think there's certainly a for the count him in coach gruden was when he was that about the performed the call Miller and Connell and in particularly to Cuba. I think is a pretty good job you know with a perfect absolutely not it's week one up and for EPO you know pretend it. What we expect to go in you know they deliberately were struck they are solid there are strongly feel we need to be done bad. Yeah Von Miller and the boy they're all different that the entire. And now you get a deal would Bradley each job was they're not not pick in this kid at a NC state. In his first game he got after it himself. Yeah I mean absolutely I mean you kind of look at this position and you know Latin the title because all I mean. There they are now if you let one passengers and enough regular entry if they want they want god on both then they want a guy coming up the last pick I come up there. They don't want to give united tackle any time to get their Bret yet you would get Brad each other and I think come now come out acog like attitude that you can be pretty good. And then eighteen teaming up Yvonne Miller he's out there at the Buick and a oh yeah this this that and divided can be pretty pretty you know dominant for a couple years coming up now. How about case Tina. He starts out three touchdowns and three interceptions in his first stick with the Broncos. Yeah I mean yeah I mean what you say that advocates you know immigrant thing that I thought this going into finger. Your costar the other day he says would also hadn't done at the end of this year it in a twenty game winner of the union and for the Crocker and raiders expect because I think the number one. Free agent acquisition and going to be kicked in and join the Broncos. So I thought pilot that was an interesting little little tidbit there from coach spread yeah I mean you would get a guy like Keenan. Obviously the pretense that the three takes good north 300 that heat spoke to me anyway Kendall bit of a mystery then you look at you don't really know. Well you notice. We still don't believe in him. Yeah I think that's better I mean I think that that they'd say like yeah I don't know I necessarily. I don't know I am all in on key keep him yet and yet at the point. Right I mean it's not like you're sitting here saying you know I'm a bet the mortgage on this guy. You still have this belief that he could be the weakness now there are times like we saw last year fantastic. But it's just in this league. In now it's until we see a hole that Lombardi trophy I mean we still have doubts and it is a lot of great quarterbacks out there that we still have doubts about. But you know obviously. This looks like an upgrade for them but in all this is going to be. They they protected pretty well meg game and a power the raiders gonna get to them. Well I think you know I think you're gonna have to get really creative in the ways that you bring pressure and I think that one thing that. That coach gruden and coach pogrom their product time and time again he did you know there's creative way to get after the quarterback without you know. Aside and its traditional front port going out and beat their man one on one I think we saw on Monday night without beyond all common a couple put it up yet. I think with the market Gilchrist come on want to look I remember correctly. So I mean at the end of the day you're still gonna need producer and could be your dominant passenger right in need him. The re have a union need intimate you know we needed one someone. And make big typical case you know. I think outside of that you know Bruce in the tempo to you're in need some production Marty key. You're gonna need some production that interior as you know a couple of gathered around the secret part better yet you're gonna need to have gotten the kind of step up and put the pocket. And then like is that we're Gannett you know in need that we are Austrian need to Karl joked that the market -- You know we they've been in need to get creative and figure out way to get after the quarterback and. Well Bruce serving got a sack last game and I yeah I think for him this has to be a career year I mean he's got to get double digit sacks for the raiders and sees it that's a lot of pressure on him. But that that's what they meet. Somebody's got to be a home run hitter. Yeah I mean and that they give Bruce that talked about it and aren't you know especially as of late to a goal coming in to 2018. Katrina did double digit sacks. And decomposing at times in his in his career but he hasn't gotten to that double digit. Plateau yeah I mean I think you said it use separate go to the raiders need him to be that guy. There's that and why they have du brut it. Is by far the most established. At at this point likely the most explosive that they have the most experience a good bit after the court that guy he's certainly got it the most throughout his career. As they're in need him to be dank attic an anchor the defensive line and like you get off to a good start last week with does the course bumble and and the fact. Yeah I think that. You know we're gonna have to have a couple of those gains or preserve and Cisco dot org yet. You know the pews back into and out factories you active against the run but you know I think that. At this juncture Brazil motivated he's ready Iraqi he's kind of got that chip on his shoulder so ironic said that he took root there there there you know over the next. Next couple months here. Well let's say a lot I'm looking forward to tomorrow I've scouted out a Mexican restaurant force and Denver that supposedly is fabulous LO OK at your. Eldridge generally sent. It's called machetes and Vic Toews for our body with the athletic has given me the absolute thumbs up on. Oh that's even better at just. I Q when it comes to let things of that nature I try to pull hard mean extra base about yet. So he is so for people who doubt now since I'm on the broadcast team now I'm traveling with the team so. The this is my first experience. And what I don't. And if you're tired or regular either in that rotated enough. Correct I not been to Denver before but this is my first at the raiders so what I'm telling everybody is I'm I'm. I'm Johnny tourists like when I went to Seattle I did everything in Seattle so I each week I guarantee EU. I will scout out locations of of places ago. And places that we have to eat I guarantee you I will have that kind of employ low on the road for I'm Marty I've party start tracking London aren't. I like that tanning and I was telling you with a lot funnier in the building that it changes. The way we travel. It changes during the regular season a little bit like when we get to the hotel tomorrow evening. And when we're chicken and we're going to terrorism I'm telling you right now. I'm telling you and you can you can come back and call me up on it it's not tree and that confident that when we get to the hotel. There will be minimum. 10250. Raiders fans outside the hotel in Denver. Welcoming it and it's it's like nothing you've ever seen before the purse some like it I was like oh my it would have been. What are these people billing but it's it's really an incredible that I give it one of the coolest moments you have on the ground now. Well I. EU EU had me at that that the police escort through LA that was just like I had never seen like. Going through LA which is the worst traffic in the history of mankind and we get a police escort everywhere Mike this is really cool. Yet it's cool it it hit me that we hope to get around red wrap it is because they're really drive and Perino little period sitting in traffic. And it was a Serbian court. Oh Mike I can imagine if I had that has yeah I don't every day's game up 8080 for Michele from San Jose to Oakland. So I was got to still pick up my kids at school at 3 o'clock Samaki on the freeway til 315 I'm a bumper to bumper once I get to like. What's it it's like Union City in Hayward it's bumper to bumper all I could have that police escorted make my life so much better. That's a tiny man you gotta you gotta make a call and you're very important any etiquette and call the a little help on the beat. And the one thing I've been talent everybody will end with this the one. Dialogue it. You can hear me. I'm I'm happy you're back now. I can hear you for that last question it to look finished on that and it went dead air. Welcome back our about it on sum up my machine right hearing out. I let's end on this Eddie there's one thing that I've noticed. That wherever we go there's food water and Gatorade. Yeah oh yeah hydration counted as I and the biggest supporter education is key but yet the one giving up being on the road. You'll never go hungry I promise you that we get on the plane there's food. You know Ingrid during the fight there's food when we get the hotel the food and and company keep announce tomorrow attack. I'm telling you this right now. The cookie is. So on the longer plate they make it pressed chocolate chip cookies. And they are delightful. To make seat back a couple of those tomorrow they'll probably be the last hour the plant in the that that I. Ivan tell people this is the coolest thing I've ever done in my career doing this job with you guys. So firm blackbird action ends and been a part of the raiders family traveled the raiders as it it's truly the coolest thing. I have ever done in my career I've buddy great stuff I'll see you tomorrow on the line. Absolutely don't wait. Now I would quote. And don't forget would be doing this twice a week every single week will be back on Monday. And will are wrap up the whole raiders and Broncos game from Denver have a great day everybody there listening to the silver and black podcast.
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