'On to Detroit' — Bonta & Joe put the Week 1 loss in perspective & look ahead to the Lions

Everything you need to know heading into the Niners' Week 2 matchup

September 12, 2018 - 5:56 pm

Another week. Another Overtime episode. Bonta and Joe put a bow on the 49ers' Week 1 loss to the Viking and break down the upcoming home opener from every single angle.

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Bonta & Joe put Week 1 loss in perspective and 49ers facing 'must-win' vs Detroit

Wednesday, September 12th
Bonta and Joe move forward to Week 2 and they predict the Lions won't restore the roar in SF.

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Want to kill grandchildren yes. This situation with the boys overtime. Joseph should ask you the butcher boy. John joke early of course super producer started to grew from two minutes while you're earning our service game in yours truly bond deal. Of the afternoon delight calls Greg populate. They're puppets in the mix as well Alexander Scott talk 49ers will employer when a great great week one podcast talking about the Minnesota Vikings soul we do know now Kazaa it's. Well it's. Covenant. Week to get to deep short lines before we move on to Detroit just wanna get everybody's thoughts on what happened in week one because of Minnesota Vikings of course a 24 to sixteen loss for the 49ers. You know when I look back at Jimmy grapples performance the person that comes to mind is missed opportunities missed opportunities. By a wide receivers by tide and latter really big game and George Kindle and my Jimmy himself. I. I think that the offensive line. Could you just got decimated as that game went along I mean clearly my person goes down and you have Joshua Garnett go down you have marquee schooling your chest piece go out five plays into the game earlier we can't help but for me there was much more encouragement. After a day or two of soaking this game and I say hey you know this forty niner team in years past Blaine Gabbert. Cracker with. Brian Hoyer what do losses came by thirty points going away instead they showed a ton of resiliency and I we all fronts being honest. There was a lot of positively to pull from this. The only thing I would say very critical is that. Jamie and Kyle down in the in the red zone they have to shore this up the red zone inefficiencies are something that that bothered them. Last year it's gonna continue to bother them they don't apple Leo Jones they don't probably be on bell or Todd Gurley apex running back they don't have a supreme offensive line. I need Kyle and I mean Jimmie to check this team and design plays in the reds on that are creative. That are that are very bright and get guys open because they don't have. Superstar playmakers who make things happen in command double teams to open it up for other people but other than that. I thought she showed a lot of resiliency and I thought that this young defense took a massive step slower. Junker was her thoughts are we want. They take away is just fun being a forty niner fan again it was the Tom Sewell years Chip Kelly yours you just knew this team wasn't owning where we had a plan a Palestinian. At the end of the day I was upset I was upset because we had a chance to win the game you take away the penalties in this communications. The interceptions if you take away this that they need to drop pass. Anything ET you can all the mistakes and half. Niners beat Minnesota with a wink. Yeah you look at Fred Warner you look at. A divorce Buckner you look at these these young corners look at Richard Sherman I mean so positive on the defensive side of the ball this was. Two years ago bold worst run defense in the history of the 49ers going back to 1946 and that's how bad this team was offensively you saw two rookies played pivotal roles this team might look. The glitch on the right tackle spot slid over to guard after the injuries and Donte' pettis catching his first NFL pass which was a touchdown first diner to catch his first pass inhabit it touchdown since Vernon Davis I can't remember a forty wide receiver has been touch and Africa in his first game I mean Michael Crabtree and suit up for this team but why we can't. Hassle so many positives. I would say this Jimmie passed to protect the ball better we all know that we all know that kill have to bring apple I don't know obsolete man. And then blank and we'll get into to that sequence specifically. But so positive he's that this was one score game with one minutes ago Minnesota gets a Super Bowl caliber team. Two time playoff team back to back and Europe that was a huge state game to tell me this team's for real the series is an important. And you look at the town at the Minnesota Vikings had that ferocious defensive line the safety's the linebackers at every level of their defense there's a pro bowler beer commercial puts into all of their offense that Buffett took part issues but yet dolphin cook who runs hard. Dixon the quarter up yet what true wealth comment on and you still have Kyle Rudolph it Kirk cousins. Today he's not a taunting quarterback. But he's a guy who can be a place holder place holder who can manage to game and get you to where you need to get two minutes was deported to their best shot. I felt like there were control of the game Minnesota had control of the game but the niners as you can same butcher boy. Resiliency. They fought to Rob Lowe wanted it I pleaded not date that is where he stands out of the pocket and tell that guy and I got goosebumps what is Napoli back. Now the George can play. Perfect design by Kyle Shanahan. Everybody's more on the left. Looks like he's down blocking sneaks out to the scene he's got to make a play because what happens next the pick six now to talk about this in another play. Typical problem is and apple put beyond it is and I went back to watts as a while. Forgot all about that play on play nobody knew where it melted and not only that when the original play we know about that George can only to be eight feet off the catch that pass that's easy because Kirk cousins bigots and openness and to ask you to mark I don't know where he was little word about him a pass coverage. But those are play early in the fourth quarter. To Oracle's second at it team. Were killed and analysts here since it beat the here is bit like not around he's chasing cattle. To grapple over it because the opener was behind a culminating in an ever seen Griffin popped right in the mouth. This is tough to make but he's got to make that some inaccuracies there. Back to pick six. For me personally I don't know about you guys. And newborns out there wide right. Yet Donte' pettis in the slot that is never looked back cows and they said there was no hot rod involved there's nothing hot there. Like things are Smart. Bright side of the niners' offensive line were Geary Q was there in my Blanchett right guard they blitzed. Typical problem tries to make a play him the best scenario of where you play the vikings. On the road. That being the pot. Yeah I hate apple I got a call saying I would give you this is there's a chess match going on in and Mike Zimmer I thought set very perfectly timed blitz is now. At different levels you know here's this palace. Oh great blitz but the lately it's late in the game now that I. Thought was absolutely brilliant it comes from a different angle I thought the niners had certain protection issues all want to born I would say this. Jeannie has only played what 89 games right as a starter in the NFL. This is this and get those wraps is the first game all wrote no communicating with the guy who's in his second year our draft. Yeah credit my whole with his team right now he did note around apparently have it be gets beat inside goes about where our route to be treated okay. A I expect. Urged on come out with Koppel up global drop I thought. She'd be laid him out a few times where he got actually blasted but he's he's he's known as a possession got useful to be hauling those insult. I just think that the tires left waits too many opportunities on the table maybe they cashed out one or two of those plays bulls scenario is different I would say this. Most important for me was the resiliency of this defense right before halftime yet they gave the global opportunities they stood so Paul. Against this team and no Foster yeah no. Foster in the middle of the field Rockwell exposed I'm trying to get Kirk cousins rolled out autumn Adam was going over them and what course. And Rockwell's gonna be out jog early I think what is next six weeks it could be clear for contact for six weeks it's not a concussion. A broken bone in his back. So what happened there broccoli owed to get exposed. To Foster gives back the terrible for a quarter I cannot wait little quick to force book. At the biggest guy Eddie bettered its own because you don't wanna pollute Max it's weighs in DeForest bunker to wanna have sex early seven tackles he was everywhere right. The first presented at a game for Minnesota to force but there's gonna be all producer. Any offseason news talk about Tina action step how he needs yet they're just finished the sacks off and we saw what he can't do when he has that extra step. He's a force to be reckoned with you have to team click around to four Buckner the rested defense line is a step up. But cellist and do we have a potential defensive player of the year on our answer to force doctors made a possibility not a. If another guy doesn't step up you have to have someone else step up otherwise he's getting get double and triple teamed all year because it's Solomon Thomas. And whoever else is on the other side it it Juliet Taylor is he gonna suit up next week. Earl Mitchell the only time Mitchell's name was called when he lined up at fullback in goal line situation and he was nonexistent for me so. I need to see more from the rest of the defense of line the other guy that I'm gonna look at. As eight Rockwell replacement and Alice pounding the table for him two weeks ago until I actually you saw the minute he came in he made a really nice tackle going down low on Kirk cousins and that stopped them. From getting a first down on the subsequent play you see two guys Eric arms at end Solomon Thomas jump which you just can't do. Whether I think that that. As an egregious as an average ability. The play before it Kirk cousins did this wouldn't you be helmet rule called. That was my biggest beef with these are gonna call it on offer to players Kirk is is so it comes in to paralyze a guy like that I've seen guys get. Neck injuries all of us doing that ducking your head on the football field but overwrought and we all felt positive about the game. I did beat the vikings will be able but the Mac is about okay. Because they were in that game the offer more stumble. That dried off remorse is running so hard at fourteen play drive your milking the clock he took the crowd out of it. That was such a deflating fumble by now for more. I'm very disappointed in Kyle at the reds on because I was screaming bootleg bootleg bootleg let Jimmy get out spacing you saw the very next drive. They were in the same misdirection play but two different sides of fields treats her and over again and it was setting things up. Run the bootleg. Get genie in motion stretched his defense mr. action the other aspect that are really wanna see this team employed moving well or the no huddle you saw that sharks rarely get. He's a gamer I've not feasible way and yet shop play all the offensive line get in rhythm there's something about your smaller unit. Get the other team cast and we did when they're big and physical make it a track meet I wanna see Kyle run Mort no huddle wanna see more Jeannie apple line. When it audibly and setting up this team give him more creative control once he gets the line with time to play. Question for you guys he gets wiped Washington game backe and do you remember any Jimmy GO honorable. I don't remember him calling too many last year Euro last week he had to I don't think I got to either I think the game plan was so solid they knew there were gonna get the temple there to play actually what to talk about two straight. Play action passes George gonna want to write one to the left in the ran a play Jackson deterrent today where he also when they go down 24 rows seventeen to three. You see used to got a bad you'll want to see a little bit more that and that's what concerns me with Jo MacKinnon injury. You don't have that answer back in space who can make things happen is that bring us some flat this year. But it seems like you're lacking that. Or academic game changer out of about it. I'm gonna be honest the guys watching Monday night against the rams I'm saying to myself. While the second half was all taught early all of 49ers need their Todd Gurley and I think that there's that legitimate debate amongst the fans and hopefully amongst the front office. He would go make a trade for lady on bell there's not many playmakers that are available right now people in Dez Bryant off the streets. Get the apex running back I am willing to roll the dice on a second. Third round. Draft pick compensation maybe it's a combination of multiple secular topics to get me lately on bell this is a dynamic pass catcher a dynamic running back you need an apex got to take the load off Jimmy shoulders especially if you're gonna be on the road you don't get some of these premier teams like the rams like Seattle you know the NFC is open now. And has got some injuries in their defense Leon Jones down the I need to load up and the window in the NFL as we saw with the raiders two years ago the windows wide open the niners 2012 to thirteen the windows wide open. It can close soul. Quickly go out swing take the risk is a risk there's no doubt about it I want a premier running back that's one of the biggest holes on. Libya are built when he sixers vote over 12100 carries. In his career it's less and Jews can make things happen. He imagined him in the zone scheme ran an out back built into passes for Jamaica romp along with the roll the dice in his arguments and ability. Shall the 49 way shall what does culture is all about shall that there are on track to make things happen in NS in as you mentioned the saints they gave up 48 points out it looked vulnerable. The Pitt does look vulnerable later going to be without Greg Olsen. For a long time that the premier tight and that's cans safety valve that's his number one option he's going to be without a move forward Philadelphia without cars went in that seat has been shaken up a bit it's built up. But it's writer for the 49ers. Let's move on had each written. The team we saw get blown out Monday night because in New York Jets 48 to seventeen. They gave up 31 point to the third quarter Matthew Stafford four interceptions and a game it's Cassel can about the bid to OPEC no when he gained 69 games. Without our winter garden restaurant last Reggie and our road to Reggie blows 2013 days giving day drug bill are slated. To be Canadian running back. Moment on the beach it would easier week to. Miners home opener gets wind. Start to head coach I just looked at Matt Patricia on the sidelines and I sent myself home. He is not head coach material he reminds me of Jean Thompson I mean right now and not being honest when I say I. He looked perplexed he looked lost yet nothing to say he wasn't talking in this edf. And look like the team gave up on Humana Mike Singletary now hunters access it knows he had hat on backwards both in a cloud burst yeah yet hat on backwards. Pencil in the year you're she limiting its on a white and Pennsylvania. I know says he wouldn't talk to memory back that day makes it materially at headset out across never said anything stopwatch app every. It was just. I know is it mostly a brilliant guy exit nosed guys. Know Bill Belichick disciple I just he does not strike. Music kind of Bill Belichick disciples by the way the one guy. Bill O'Brien if you wanna just look at some nice heralding creature solid in Houston not give him that Josh McDaniels. Charlie Weis. Romeo Cornell. Eric Mangini. I don't know yeah I just don't let these guys maybe trying to be too much like Bill Belichick may be need to have year old wrinkle here and did. Not just gave a run a defense I still believe that Hillary's deep it's totally saw the lines are messed right now we hear about veterans being pissed off. About the way they were gloom about the way Patricia works in my training camp but all that. They're gonna come and leave Arsenio hungry and desperate got embarrassed on national television he did it come in Levis wanna get embarrassed again. I don't think so. They're gonna see every deeply Golden Tate. Unique holiday Morgan Jones they have weapons but it also to Matt Stafford tell me how to 49ers can really make these typical formats Africa's jets they do have a defense talent wise they look better in the niners' defense. Although Robert solid team floor around a football pocket they slow down the Detroit Lions common enemy by city Sunday it starts. Big guys who had more sacks in one game in the media all last year and that's before Spock finally credit with two and a half sacks in are split one but. You saw Matt Stafford take multiple shots first quarter he took one in me he crunch might food different defenders I'm sorry he looks like he's not gonna make it. Through when he eighteenth season and so for me I. I need a punch him in the mouth early and often and I am hoping. That the rest their team can do is bow out because it looks like there they are one of those rosters it really looks like they're gonna quit on this house I mean it reminds me of the New York giants' situation last year with bin Mack adieu thank you were bent back and look I. Like Marvin Jones I really like Golden Tate I think he's a competitor the rest this team just doesn't do it for me I think their defense is hollow I think is is again right game for the niners and be close that what we think and that the game we might pull away and backdoor cover but I agree with you did for got to come out swinging right there wanna get embarrassed on national television. We tend to overreact about the following week I know Jill for box are about this when he's doing is gambling lines so I think the games can be significantly closer than what we think it is but I still expect the port next to come out execute well. Now current. This might be eight. The most exciting he buys game as I terrorism moreover there's a threat. Yes this this is our chance that season ticket base to go out there be optimistic how how how helpful will lead like they. It could impact Sussex Elliott. In terms of Levi stack gets put in that the F finally some cheer for. When I'm looking for in this game is I go back to the Super Bowl as we can't last and game past Mack Matt Patricia Hearst Palestinian Tibet the battles that they will have. Matt Patricia is coming in with a full he knows we Jimmy G does best and what he doesn't go any S and in doing for so long. That's to be some on the look for how does that happen and how does Kyle Cheney take advantage of the mashups like he always does so well for pitchers is defense such as he didn't Super Bowl. I'm looking at despised defense Lindsay beyoncé he had a shoulder problem. Missed left the game is some New York Jets in the second quarter did not come back he's there one. Pass rusher every huge conference law play DD tackle we know from out here now with San Francisco. Robinson Sean Robinson they got beat it's Y -- Alabama from Michelin baby pictures and it looked like he was twenty years old duke looks like a grown man. We've played last Monday night and not get it he's a high pick coming out of Alabama. I just don't see enough on the Detroit Lions defense now. Sleigh is good seriously is a good quarterback if QB Jason arousal what's the report earlier with a wide receivers. Looks like Goodwin is dated day a with a deep I brings it looks like your song will be able to play. So I'm not worried about the offense too much at that they'll be able to move the ball. And you look at the Isiah crow well sixty yard touchdown run against your jets. Their tackle Colin -- say we took that play the end of week one at a pre season because he Oakland Raiders admirable Marchand went without a big run now dig it call back for holding call. But they also let Chris Warren get a big 26 or are run on a summer or play and it just basically ran a play in the past success. All day long against these three defense as you mentioned this is to get right game. But the 49ers are not the position to say. You can overlook the line to look ahead Aaron stadium in week three they've got to take care business at home because this is the one winnable game here that we also economic calendar in his first four when you play the chiefs and a charge a wrap of September and. And I think that's why you bring in a veteran like Richard Sherman because Richard Sherman is not gonna overlook anyone in the NFL this is a got it totally is a professional on and off the field. Over the game last week and Iliad. The entire Internet buzzing when he got burned deep and they didn't throw the ball over the top but. This guy didn't have his name called very often and then when he did get thrown his way he shut down one truck what it is one past the idea was augmented. I'm gonna come back which is fine but you know what like the fact that there are not taking shots at Richard Sherman that's fair that's helping the team that's helping them make it easier to defend so I'll look at someone like him a leader on a team that hasn't had leaders in three years I mean even Navarro Bowman like how can you leave from the sideline talking your lead went on the game field you're getting burned a look at -- him to step up and make plays and then I'm looking again. Salma Thomas. And Eric Armstead you guys are first round draft picks. Mickey impact if that she gets defense can dominate this offensive line of Detroit. I'm expecting this the line of the 49ers to dominate Detroit and Wear them down and hit Matt Stafford. Winner Williams of course at the New York his defense of line and he is a stud. Out of USC QB Rex deck game he'd controlled. The line of scrimmage controlling the line of scrimmage is key for the sport remembers him and I'm with the I need to see more from Solomon Thomas I don't need to see all sides are critical situations and you see them written game in the bad field. Shedding alligator blood. Don't let them get off because we're gonna try to make a point to run the ball he opened the lines tied to hear about this on it's it's it's ninety's as we had a hundred our roster. Carry on Johnson had opportunities to get here and let your blog is going to be physical not got crushed and we got crushed in a game but he's going to be back Sunday China said it's all for you short lines by the waist and adorable bottled it yeah Levi stadium due to grapple Bobble head day. In there's a time that the baseball cap would look at the Bobble head days both players really light it up yeah let it -- Rob Lowe and expecting big east because if you tell our. To get to Detroit Lions defense that rebates and darn awful comfortable. I mean to pick six on a first way to game really a bad decision but that he's comfortable you look at it was like he does play a seven counts of. Yet you know the other guy that I'm looking at besides Jimmy drop below to get into a rhythm is. Can George kill repeat the performance of last week I thought that exile I thought that he really showed that he can be a poor man's Tyler I for in space means a big body moves really well for how big he has he has really good hints that dropped with the ending the other. Think I wanna see from this team sense of urgency bond today can I get that same sense of urgency you have when you were down. Sixteen to 317 to three in that game he came back bull bull bull bull trying to score points for the. Offense but you'll get it because Jimmy grapples not used to losing good he's brought that New England mindset here and sought this press crop. Press conference on Monday Detroit. I've moved on to Detroit. He has that Belichick Brady mentality and he's brought into the slot and he's a leader Christine this is what it paid big money are really believed that human grapple with this team up like eight guys to some or offer we cannot go and own two week. I don't want to we haven't postage and and make an NFC playoffs we have to win this game and we got to get on. What about special teams guys because I saw I punt return for a touchdown. Against the Detroit Lions team on Monday night and I saw a very dynamic on tape Addis. That they are receiving kicks I wanna see another guy suited up and on and we're getting to the wide receiver depth here but. IDC Richie games in his candidacy and I. I need to see and he's an explosive playmaker. When you lost your McCain and you lost a chess piece when you lost mark he's good when you lost another chess piece and so I need to make up for that dynamic play making. Let me see Ricci James suited up in this next game was he doing tailored. Pressured to get us finally NYC watching the judge this young group come together Alice. Pretty surprised how both of them were inactive for the united tax whereas now that was surprising Richey James. Why not like number lined them up in the back agreed in shock I animal and I feel like you're staggering kill or be Anthony Thomas it is to do some things in a flat is a play Decker yeah as legal. Could be interesting here X factors for Detroit also with Cuba to north. The X-Factor is first Detroit I'm gonna go to the offensive line I really think that if the offensive line gives you meet time in space I think that he is going. To have a relief that game he sought when they protected Jimmie when they had enough time to allow guys to get downfield run in this directions things like that. Mean it was bull bull bull and you asked Jeannie air Yeltsin throughout did you mean to be you know tighten acting up but I think if he has a little more protection. At home they won't ask rockets won't be asked difficult I think that the office provide clarity will be able to hit doubled down the field. You know. It's all up in someplace this team can you stretch them left and right stretched them down the field. I wanna see if it's offensive line can allow these wide receivers tight ends fullbacks to get out in space to get up and over some of these defenders so that Jimmy can trick you a double down the field. Middle years check when you look you're looking out Colin Cheney has gained put create a mismatch along with against fish's defense and that's some they cannot. Dean plan for in terms that they don't have the depth to match for Patricia keeps saying he's a go week to week with his defense and there's not a linebacker they can do way. Can Nash used check on the off and the defense aside the U checks and have a began. My X-Factor is a defense line. It may it probably was expected last week to direct the game to make her causes uncomfortable taking Matthew Stafford he saw what the New York Jets when he got its efforts base he panicked he forced me threw four interceptions. They wrecked the timing of that offense. Now can 49ers do the same thing to force but we know we're gonna get out of them. Is that those big hamper air currents that another big game for Solomon Thomas. Because he's receivers are out of the what if Stafford its rhythm. Which he can and can't get home. I've called take a slot. While Williams matchup for a while williams' killer with a small trying to check legality or Marvin Jones junior these receivers are a problem they are problems shall make a separate ball quick is a big turn key for me if it's of line once again it would be. Is EX factor and with that I'm gonna challenge. Just like I was at this podcast up. Much challenge flag that's element Thomas. That's aircraft used to ask I had some times they're firm said. You first round picks so Thomas is number three overall it all right. He's got to make something happen I'm I'm I'm keep it short make something happen then we see your present on the football field make in impact here and home opener. I'm gonna shall see me drop below. I thought they Jimmy had a lot of flashes of brilliance but he missed a lot of easy throws for him. By his standards I expect him to make that George cable plank in the red zone and expect easy touchdown for him easy I mean really as I thought that. You know he's got to have better awareness and better ball security. And hearing all the comparisons to Tony Romo let's just pump the brakes all the breaks everybody. When it comes to the Tony Romo comparisons physically yes play making ability yes like when he has foreign five years' worth a playoff. Depression and disappointment after I am willing to go that far but I see a lot of the same skill set and I just right I wanna see him connect on these I think it if he does he's a little more accurate he's a little more. Affected anticipating the Russian where it's coming from hold onto the ball better. Takes sacks when you need to take sacks stopped on the ball away. I think you'll see more guys catch a bullet that your arsenal play into the red zone so for me my X-Factor. And the guy that I've challenging. It is Jimmy apple challenged I am a little different moment ago Kyle Shanahan has. I was watching game passed last night's all the way his designs but it was beautiful you had. He's out in the backfield he's already back at sea with coverage was he had doctor pettis Ryan post route uncovered two is phenomenal stuff. Blake is back into their ads on its. Was shed the label on the red zone woes this finally see the Palestinian Dallas match yet less. Bill calls Robbie gold more touchdowns here by the way fellas we're going to be back. Sunday this time around 1215. On 957 games FaceBook page. We did a pre post game show all of a lot of fun I think a lot of people loved it a lot of injury here. A lot of a lot of energy or should say as we did that this past Sunday were meant so Dole's early morning is how we get a little bit rest come in the afternoon we'll do FaceBook live and in person again. Amble simulcast on pairs on panel that will happen on periscope so if you're on Twitter or on periscope he could follow us that way. And then what will do is post that onto the YouTube page so you can watch afterwards if you feel so inclined and we'll have will give our predictions again on Sunday but how do you guys see this game going by as we rapids podcast. You know I like the niners to backdoor cover in this one late oak minus six or six point favorites here yeah I think they're gonna win by at least nine I liked him to win by nine I think what they're gonna end up doing is make Detroit one dimensional I expect him to win. 3221. Niners win thirty its when he won I think Stafford has early success but I think you become one dimensional he takes a lot of hits in this game and I think the 49ers defense clamps down genie in the offense kinda get it going after a rough start. And they roll away with this one it's our feeling good about themselves the key. You guys stay healthy because Leah foster's return bowl one game away man. A challenge how Shani and I think he's a deliver. Winning players are questioning your team already after week one has thank has signed who are the trend lies and wanna run the ball and the leap to their bread and butter passable. 31 to 109 of those are due to our. Short week for Detroit played on when the maple ball have to travel out west. They're public jump the Sami earlier. The lions haven't won a San Francisco since 1975. And I also wonder because in my lifetime I never seen alliance come on your way and Joseph Montana's retirement grab Monday night game here is one game where hip. Held Barry Sanders what negative yardage it was like twenty yards. Oakland Hills fighters are delivered at game the winds were in town a niners beat him up in. This should be at got to have eight game for the 49ers I think they get healthy active role in this one I think when his goal on the way BO lions. Let's say 3317. Although this game was on the road remember that Harbaugh that's the machine that back slap game all I salute when the 49ers announced themselves as legitimate contenders ball teams I think were undefeated and I'm niners one loss yeah. Dallas cowboy right second games electoral game and I'll ribs absolutely moll all spin and and and the winds were undefeated yes and in niners went out there and one that Alex department referred all that I your counsel blood give you can get you work out every time I see gym shorts on the silent for the Philadelphia Eagles like that as a bomb what about Bob lane northbound on. A lot of plug here. That's it for us man it's been a city situation for Joe's gonna want to boy. John early on bond today bill the overtime pockets inside and out will see you Sunday on FaceBook live and I parred seven games FaceBook page.
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