Despite Finals loss, Curry 'more proud' of this season's Warriors than last year's team

Warrior superstar looks back on season that was

Kirsten Moran
June 26, 2019 - 12:39 pm

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Even after losing to the Raptors in this year's NBA Finals, the Warriors still have three rings in the past five seasons.

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While certain segments of Dub Nation might be feeling somber after watching the depleted Warriors crash out in Game 6, Stephen Curry certainly isn't. When asked how this year compares to the 2018 title, Curry offered the following to Adam Caparell of Complex Sports.

“I'm even more proud of how we handled it and how we fought to the end this year,” Curry said.

Just after the loss to the Raptors, Curry had his teammates over to look back at the remarkable run. 

“It was more like a celebration of just how special this journey has been and knowing that it's not over yet,” Curry said.

The team was anything but down while looking back at the road the men traveled to get to the Finals. 

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