Derek Carr on his transformation from a 'silly college kid' to NFL star

Raiders QB credits his wife for putting him on track to stardom

Karl Buscheck
July 26, 2017 - 3:04 pm

In a wide-ranging interview with ESPN's Adam Schefter on the “Know Them From Adam” podcast, Derek Carr detailed a chapter of his life that few are familiar with.

The Raiders quarterback, who's now famous for his focus on family and faith, explained that once upon a time he was a “silly college kid” at Fresno State.

“Oh, man. I was out there just being a silly college kid,” Carr said. “I'll just say it that way.”

A silly college kid?

“I was out there partying, doing all the wrong things,” Carr added. “Thinking I was actually somebody when actually I was just some snotty-nosed freshman, sophomore backup quarterback at a Western Athletic Conference school.”

“So, it's funny when I look back because I tell people all the time, 'I would beat that kid up.' Just to get his mind right,” Carr said. “But it's just, man, I was an idiot.”

As Carr explained, it was his future wife, who was just a friend at the time, who put him on path to NFL stardom and a $125-million contract with the Raiders.

“She told me one day, 'You know what? You're not the person I thought you were,'” Carr recalled. “And that was the moment right there that grabbed my heart, man. And yeah, I'll never forget that. I'm always, always going to be thankful for her in my life.”

Check out the full podcast here, and jump to the 11:49 mark to hear about the QB's transformation. Skip to the 6:06 mark to hear Carr's comments on why money will never motivate him:

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