David Carr says Jimmy G reminds him of Aaron Rodgers

Elder Carr to Damon: ‘Jimmy’s a fantastic quarterback'

Karl Buscheck
September 14, 2018 - 1:05 pm

Even in the wake of Jimmy G’s three-interception opener, David Carr, the former QB turned NFL Network analyst remains bullish on the face of the Niners franchise.

Derek Carr’s older brother articulated his confidence in Garoppolo in an appearance on “The Damon Bruce Show” on Thursday afternoon.

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“Jimmy’s a good quarterback,” Carr said on 95.7 The Game. “I know it’s not a huge sample size what we saw last year, but ever since he came with Derek — he was at the Senior Bowl with him — Jimmy’s a fantastic quarterback.”

“He has a great mindset. I really like his athletic ability. He reminds me of Aaron Rodgers when I see him moving in the pocket, and his ability to even roll left and move to the left and still get his shoulders turned and make good accurate throws.”

“So, him and Kyle (Shanahan) are going to be just fine. There’s no time to push the panic button if you’re in San Francisco. They’re going to play some good football this year.”

Jump to the 7:17 mark in the podcast below to hear Carr in his own words:

Damon Bruce joined by David Carr

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, September 13th
NFL Network analyst, former NFL QB, and Derek's brother, David Carr, joins the Damon Bruce Show. 

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David Carr here for the NFL network. We're gonna be thrilled to bring you David Carr each and every week he's going to be joining us from the set an NFL network's total access which is at 4 o'clock. Out here in the Bay Area were thrilled to have Amman as a guest David thank you very much how we use our. Are you doing very well a tie it was at a tough home loss for the raiders on Monday night your brother. He started out hot they marched right down the field Marshawn Lynch carried about. Fifteen football players into the end zone for a very dramatic opening drive to the gruden era. And then reality just sort of sunk in the rams are good. And it seemed like your brother wasn't looking downfield he might have been more concern would what was right in front of them when you look at that rams' front. I don't know if I blame them. Debbie knew that might have been content I don't let you get them all. Again. It probably led duke goes pretty much got out sooner and you put it out back ought to go to belt out god doctor this week. Lot of guys don't doubt they're there I got back at about art beat a good job. You obviously. Most are locked up. That might have been one shot remarked on the field but they're looking getaway luck go get a great game don't. Get what they want to do but. Yeah big big bet that pro war you know obviously. You got the a big boat you're that you don't cut or it gave me. Owner Donald. Dale ground. He's special players you gotta gotta take it they can tell what you did in May off the ball long but. I have been a little bit overdone but you cannot bear out that they were there you were indicating that bird that. And no reason I think it is. Probably more now that. And gut of the deep and well Rick Scott he owed but trailing a big drive. Well you are a program that. Oh don't all backed up. David one of the things I like most about your brother is he reclaimed his career here in the NFL and oh please in the right position now with the right coach to get the best ball ball out of him. What I like is your brother does not. Run away from adversity like he stood at the podium and he wore. Every single one of his mistakes in the shortcomings of that night like a man. You know it big pet. You know you don't. Want to. If you are even more so you go and that meeting at the net debt to your peers and you have a guy speed up by the way you do it. Little bit Ers beat you can't make you do you have to point yourself urge you look at everything that you did. Get up picky aren't expecting it in 98 they didn't do it but. Book on I have to do better yet they. Did the region where adults but it. It is here that don't connect speak to knock it be better. If you were back in. Don't. Right now and it appeared eager. Though big big name. And get it back and play and big labor what happened. Didn't that we don't. Get better bit. Bigger so I think that you know I do it. David what are your brother tell you about the sting of veeco Leo Mac trade in that locker room. It's gotta be tough to sell win right now when the best player we shipped out of town and it's sort of resets the reality I think for a lot of guys. It was a typical thing bigger Derrick because you know and we'll take it big here and they've pretty. You know the boat or it Britain they thought ought during the woke up and it. A lot that day and I don't think you want them. Expect that and I think it's important or harder to do it. You know but it really don't know. Why is this option but. You know it didn't and look great tonight. Derrick. And our pride not what he does and they're. I think and that's what he's been doing here edit it or that you get a deal done you know but there. Apart because they can you do it I mean look they played not being ultra is that going to be. Going to be doing they're gonna be better equipment out here even without guilt but I think that you could without it. Mac he helped with that all kept that damage and the way to do it don't look and I think it got better linebackers and secondary go to that night. But at. All. There's been no development. We're talking would David Carr you can see David throughout the week and NFL. Total access 4 o'clock Pacific time on NFL network across the bay well not really cross the bay but in Minnesota. That other quarterback. Jimmy drop below he had three interceptions of his own net against a very good defense just like your brother was facing. On Monday night you know when you see. Early struggles is there ever cause for concern right out of the rip when your convinced that the quarterback the general manager. And the coach are all on the same page like sure it was a rough day in Minnesota but I see a lot of positives in that and again they should lost by double digits. Certain places like buffalo. RT can you can't know everything in their their temper concern in Detroit we. Amid new coach and let doubt. Get stuck it in the ball you know. They want to read them all but you know when you're stuck to go or. It Oakland I think it is a better coach there I didn't particularly with their doctor I think. All three court bitter end in the league are. But he gave duke a complicated there and we could probably. Not hurt. A guy. But. It and it got most eat but beatle. Any any copy of blender Atlanta. Now they're Jimmy it would be could be bad acute debt could it be bad cramps. You better team than what we do at night I know about their not to be better he started to go to. Lot of issues that people are employed they can you give little thought 81. On it and put on today without big big. He met by the by the let her club hey I happened there it was just. Give you all. And as I operate at that everybody that based. Look great job you'd need eight notebook it didn't they have good safety. You don't know which one put one drop and you can tell Eric you know there's no doubt guy got beat guy. These guys who you know there's a person outlook taking you to give a bad luck you can look bad but. Good quarterback you know I don't example but last year but it became how dare you to be your goal attempt. Bet I can't agree on that. I'd really like it in athletic ability. He can't be a lot of bare rock and I'd be improved in the pocket and stability and cold boot up it started they. Don't. And color just spotted there's no time. But ever go out there can put it all here. Forty niners hosting Detroit on on Sunday and look it's way too early to drop the must win but it's a dot stab it because. There's not a lot of winnable games early in the season schedules for the 49ers. And especially when you look at the lions coming in here with Matt Patricia after four quarters of football there's already stories about how we might be losing some vets in his locker room. And I guess if you overwork. And then under deliver on game day you you're asking Ford is a coach is that what Patricia might be facing. Your doctor and he could get better you go out there you have so much I drink gap a different era right now being. I played in this country but what they're out I. Don't expect. That and banking on it and you guys they like they nobody give credit where it all you want. Occurred horse so urgent demand that very straight. Out. Are they did the other night and really didn't try to on the ballot the most cursory big L big. Thought it meant that every night mapped out real brown game. Abdullah keep it at the ballot look at the guys. That he's in top ten quarterback now why is that what you done. Ordeal but our numbers are due to people living formula you know much like app and he could be really special. But they didn't do daddy. Don't think they're back at your wallet dot Gilbert so there's uttered the they're gonna. I expected to play it all end up back recover. You can do without him but yet target and attack that eat at. It's definitely going to be you know that you don't get totally not abducted in Detroit yet. So it remains to be people would be to get the ball game I think that it is un. NFL network's David Carr here on the Damon Bruce show so on that note on noted the note big guys don't even want pre season anymore. Isn't it weird David in a weird way weak one. Of the NFL regular season is almost now like it's like. It's kind of like weak zero if you will it's it's like it's like week five of the pre season not what I think in week two is now the new week one. And a lot of the teams especially the rams you know I'm a bit I think the reason why they started slow like all due respect to the raiders. Was because they took the entire pre season and uses them all again first on these guys are playing like snaps together was first quarter in Oakland. Doubt got a great idea and how are you now you know really you look back in the last several years you had increased. All that and treat people who are probably due more to the big name god blah blah you don't go to a little bit concerned that all the mob. And we haven't had we have had to return Albert we want that you don't it. It control guys all of all that went Oakland. You know and their ability to put Derek and people at pre production to meet you got two quarterbacks the other bit that. And that they're not adapt the repeated in future got to play here are all it at all and repeat itself. Yet you get the ball you get get a deal there. There's a point but at some games but I think. Or are one thing that could get more sloppy at the Indian internal and you don't admit I mean not bing and it's important that we have got to sit through. Go we your view of some bad but we really are planned but got the norm that would restrict you don't wanna get their main guys are slippery people and helping out so that's a big. David Carr awesome stuff we are thrilled to have you on the team all football season long man you're going to be joining us here. On the way into it was today Teresa Thursday tickets can beat me joining us on Thursday is talk in. I got a happy to be here is good but didn't. Awesome stuff from David Carr again NFL network we're going to be bringing it to you with him. Each and every week here on 957 the game great stuff.
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