Damon says Raiders can’t lose to Browns: ‘Jon Gruden is seriously looking at the iceberg’

Host of ‘The Damon Bruce Show’ breaks down Oakland’s Week 4 matchup

Karl Buscheck
September 27, 2018 - 4:19 pm

The Raiders are still looking for win No. 1 in Jon Gruden’s second go-around. On Thursday afternoon, Damon Bruce said it’s going to be all sorts of trouble if that win doesn’t come in Week 4 when the 0-3 Raiders host the Browns and rookie QB Baker Mayfield.

“Like Jon Gruden is seriously looking at the iceberg,” Damon said. “Here it is, Captain Ahab. I mean, this is it.”

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“If you go 0-4 with your last loss being the first Browns’ winning streak in god only knows how long, you lose to a rookie quarterback on the road — you can’t. You can’t.”

“I mean, that’s the thing. We talk about must-wins — there is no must-win for anyone unless they’re facing elimination. Like, must-win’s special enough to reserve it for the moment it really applies, but this is a you-better-damn-well-not-lose.”

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