Dallas Braden says you’re a ‘liar’ if you thought the A’s would be this good

Ex-A’s lefty turned broadcast team rising star joins Damon to talk all things Green and Gold

Karl Buscheck
August 06, 2018 - 4:53 pm

Dallas Braden joined “The Damon Bruce Show” on Monday afternoon and did what he always does: told it like it is.

“I think it’s fair to say, if you had the Oakland A’s penciled in as 90, 92-win team, in April, I’m going to call you a liar. I’m going to tell you, ‘No.’ I didn’t see that. I had them right around 83, 85 wins...”

Braden said it’s not just that guys are clicking, but rather the young core is growing up together. The A’s are in the midst of a 33-10 run, the best such record dating back to June 16.

“What I think is happened is you’ve seen a team just get better than what they were at the onset of the season."

“And that’s street legal to do. You can see an entire group of people just start to play a better brand of baseball than the one they were playing when they showed up. And that is what I think has led to the success.”

Jump to the 35:21 mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Braden:

DB Show live at Ellie Mae Classic - Hour 1

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, August 6th
Damon & Gianna are live from the Ellie Mae Classic - joined by Adam Caplan & Dallas Braden. 

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Welcome welcome welcome and as good a deal with the Hillary is absolutely beautiful from where I'm sitting which is not inside. The studio on the corner of Broadway and battery they got us out on remote today Jian as good as CEO and it is beautiful to be here. At TPC stone brave where we're gonna have beat Ellie Mae classic go off this week today is a whole bunch of what friends Stanley's amateurs get to go out today a little bit of a pro ams ramble something here today I know little bit later on this week they're going to get to the real McCoy is the Web.Com tour a whole bunch of people looking to make their way on the PGA tour someday they'd like to earn their tour card in one of those guys might. Was the Golden State Warriors very Allan Stephan curry a big reason why we're out here today. End. Is scheduled to appear we'll see if he actually comes on out because Dell curry. Is golf and I. Andre would dollars golf and tonight I heard Dallas Braden is gonna be here around here so we're gonna say hello to a few friends. Who just stop on by this afternoon you're also gonna say a load Adam Caplan who's been down that niner training camp we're gonna say a load the voice of the niners as well. Ted Robinson the five before five we're just gonna have ourselves on Monday's show. Out here whether it absolutely. Much improved view that would go again not bad off take it up ticket for one day this week we are up yet we are all here this golf course is. Is blood dotting the region Hayward if you followed the road all the way up to the top of the hill here we are. And we get this beautiful beautiful setting for today were right in front of the reign shall we watching guys warmup and new gig going and of course. The event starts on Thursday anyone enters shouldn't take it's good Ellie may classic dot com this is a beautiful setting its. Be very fun family friendly event you could bring kids out here you can have a good time and you gonna be able I think. Watch Def curry certainly play on. Thursday Friday will see if he can make the cut this year last time stepped played he finish consecutive rounds four over 74. So will see if mr. zero handicap a I can make the weekend here it's amazing that even came that close considering he is surrounded by. Guys who were very much professional golfers but on the cusp of joining me. The ultimate tour the PGA tour so. We have that's a look at all afternoon oh by the way speaking of golf we have news on tiger and fiddle and we will talk about that today but obviously were all around here for a little Bay Area sports and while we watch. Both are NFL teams get ready for games Thursday Friday this week niners go Thursday the team moving to Vegas goes on Friday. We have baseball all around us. The giants have the defending World Series champs coming in and what do you know they wanted to desert to take a step forward yet. Not a step backwards in really nothing happened then nothing ever got. Happens and here we are an enough about that because well well well well well. Oakland days. High you do it. Look at this baseball team they just swept the tigers and they do would deal today from Mike fires who's got it. ERA under three in his last twelve starts so hopefully they're adding a starting top of the line pitcher to help them get through. What everyone now is looking at a date with the playoffs it is going to happen. In less something catastrophic Lee different happens. And it doesn't look like anything different is happening except the aids will be another ball game they didn't allow an earned run. In their series against Detroit the last time these two now allow an earned run in the three game series was back in 1918. They were duped. Yet they were absolutely do it's very hard to hold professional baseball team to zero earned runs. You know a lot of people's salad tell you that well the days they've gotten fat on some bad teams this year blue jays tigers their 21 games over 500 on account of being. Fourteen I know this season against the blue jays and tigers you know why. Pop up. That's the way it goes that's the way it goes I never hear about anyone wanting to explain away game inflated Yankee or Red Sox. Our record because they get to play the tiger they get to play the blue jays or anything like that like. This is a good baseball team this is a good baseball team that I would love their own fans to start consuming. I mean there's no other way created since they had there really isn't. The rays are playing the level of baseball at that time of the baseball year. Where when we have a game on there should be a lot of people listening to it when it's on TV there should be a lot of people watching. For whatever the reason these success. Tandem. And ratings don't exactly coral late in its just driving me nuts and us not because I want. This team. I want this I want people to care I want people to noticed I can't stop watching I watched them so much more than I do the giants the giants become painfully boring. Because they don't know what they are so they decided to be nothing. They were they wanted to stand at the luxury cap that was the only mission statement the entire season think about it no one. At any point in time during the giants' season. Not Brian savient now Bobby Evans not Larry Baer not any of their broadcasters not a single person who's an insider reporter around the team what ever. No. I. Mentioned that they wanted to be a playoff team this year and here they are you one mention that they wanted to win the National League west. The only thing I heard about was staying under the luxury cap. That was so important to stay out of the luxury tax for them bit. They literally did nothing in terms of improving the baseball team at the deadline and so when you go to the desert and it's one step forward one step back. Don't ask yourself why. I'll tell you why the giants are where they are because this is the only place they ever wanted to be 2018. It was an. Absolutely right off I don't care what their payroll was what they suggest they were hoping for. Staying under luxury tax constraints is the only goal. And they get their gold right on the bulls. So congratulations. Parade up market street right he got that part either way. Boring baseball team I don't care one glories in home runs or not. We got an awful lot to talk about today. 88957957. Now if you're normally. Inclined to. Reach out to the show on the text line thinking ooh this pithy things will be a make it to the show not today it won't have pet you're gonna have to give us a call. It 8957957. No I can't read a single text you might send a text line that you can hit us on Twitter at Damon Bruce that you can certainly give us a call. 889579570. We're gonna be taking your calls today and talking about something else that's coming up a little bit later on this week that's left of center. Of what we normally do ONG on I don't mean a web tool or broadcast which is. Definitely leftist senator of what we normally do. We have all sorts of leftist senator programming coming our week are coming our way this week thanks to ES TN. Pretty much green lighting the Ochoa. This actually kind of fun it's gonna be a lot of fun I think there are more ridiculous. Sporting events. To be televised then ESPN this week than I've ever so I mean it's amazing some of the stuff is like I'd wanna watch that some of the stuff is I don't know if anyone would wanna watch that that they're going to do it of course. The old show. Named del lovingly in the movie dodge ball he fictional ESPN spin off which they're actually going to do what the NL. On August 08. 888. And coach OI get that icy winter doing we're gonna talk about the different. Sporting fair that you be able to enjoy this week we are going to talk about. How the guy who runs NASCAR governor dean you live ads off. Nothing worse nothing nothing worse than white boys driving around the Hamptons all hot guy. You know you hear what you have to get a car and from my driving your round so ridiculous and seriously can you. As the president and CEO of NASCAR ever afforded do you out of out of a delicate afforded to you live but. You can't afford it do you why if you the president and CEO of NASCAR any more than you can be. Caught stealing golf clubs and golf balls from the pro shop if you're a tour pro here at TPC don't re like that's the Warren avenue you really can't walk down. You how you feel better yes so that's unbelievable and we got a lot of stuff to get into today. And overlook in Florida talking with yet and 9579570. I am sure somebody's gonna tell me to stick to politics or statistics or art but here's the thing politics came drifted into my lane this weekend. Not the other way and I'm just gonna he's a little segment. That I like to call. Donald Trump has a lot to say about black man. And none of it is positive okay that's what we're talking about next here on the Damon brush up. How can show on Mon 57 thinking. Did testing day have you out here are listening with us today hopefully you plan on coming out sometime this week it is a nice nice view from atop the Hayward you can see the entire bed I mean really from. From downtown San Francisco at a downtown San Jose it's not a fault that kind of panorama that we have beard TVCs don't break. Here for the Ellie may classic where Stefan curry and it's gonna try to Lola. Make the cut again this time around he got to play with the pros last year he'll be out here we got a whole bunch of little programs going off today we're gonna hopefully say hey how warrior to a couple of those guys before there. Out on the course to say hey how you do it. On the we can't really talk about the president these days without mentioning golf and it's too bad that he's bringing down such a nice sport like this. Who bombed you know look I I do an awful lot to not. Talk about this man on my show and he still creeps in because I just I can't help it I'm watching. I'm watching a black curtain come down on my nation in a way that I've never seen it come down before. The person at the top is important in setting the tone and tenor of the nation. And this man's tone and tenor has been absolutely just deplorable and unworthy and look this is nothing to do with politics on the visit forget about what you think about any political thing. This guy is just the deck that's all their way that's the only way I can say it. There's that's the only way I can I can say it like it's forget about the politics forget about writer left or liberal or conservative. Like this guy is just an eighth plus eight hole. And I can prove it. With the words that he uses all day on day long. This guy take shots at LeBron James in Don lemon over the weekend. He's taking a shot at LeBron James the week. That this story about LeBron James is. He opened the school. He opened a school for children. At risk used to better their lives and has something that is going to just look at them. In a way it treats them like humans who got shots that's very cool LeBron is doing that's it yeah. It shouldn't be in a human without a shot we're gonna give you bush a chance to make it a better place to be a better person have a chance. And if that's not something regardless of who you war who who you vote for what you care about. What every raid too when you go home at night if that doesn't sit well with you you are a massive part of the problem. Making the world a better place one little kid at a time. Is. It's you cannot have fault with it if you have any fault with the and all the that it's it's would you you are like I said you must be a huge hole. And that's what's going on here. I don't don't get me wrong there's also campaigning in Ohio here. Is eighty you know what what what better way to riled up the an educated unwashed masses than to try to take shots at the black guy who left town you don't like getting more like. None of this is happening. Happenstance like don't think in the fool. Everything is strategy is strategically. Laid out in front of you everything is there to incite. Specific. Five years of racial. Hatred and questioning. The dog whistles in the way this guy tweets that things that he says and does. Our sole. Unbecoming. Of a bathroom attendant. Much less the president of the United States I can't even tell you. I I can't even tell you did his bit there's there's absolutely no doubt about it that this man has an awful lot to say about black men. None of that is positive. And if he gets a criticism. From Steve Kirk or Gregg Popovich. No it's never addressed it never addressed LeBron and passing says and I don't think it ever really wanna meet with the president if that's an offer that was extended and so of course this petty SOB goes on the war path it is beneath anyone who's been educated. Beyond their mother's love if you had a mother that loves you. It lets you were raised by wolves they beat you from the moment of birth and you just don't know better and compassion and empathy and understanding. And helping people in a lesser place they knew if it if that. Does it resonate with you. Again like oh look this isn't this isn't political spot. This is are you look good person to get out of bed to make the world better or worse. And this is disgusting. And that's why when you know I talk about like follow on Terrell Owens is go to the hall of fame. Like you've got to understand the stuff I'm doing on the show and talking about I do talk about in context of the show. I don't go home and worry about what a minute of Terrell Owens' life I'd I'd do is to. The things I don't care about my list starts with Terrelle always okay. The things I don't care about list his name is first I just do not care. We'll talk about it today a little bit. Because if I did talk about the stuff that are really cared about I would do I would do the rest of my career on this. On this guy and police and police taken out by. You know. What an under rigged election or something like I I. As some think it's clearly method seems to work and at this point nothing's working. Nothing's working something is incredibly wrong with that man we talk about TO being bipolar maybe mentally he's. Disorder does this guy right here to. Archer and it's just unbelievable. And so if I do get distracting at times one I apologize and a sports is supposed to be fun escape. This guy keeps stepping on my tells. I'm not doing my show around politics he's bringing in his show income mine. We tweets like this with thoughts like this and I'm not tolerated anymore. All I will say this about Howard Terrell Owens. Terrell Owens. Paula thank you don't need a rule couldn TO ruled where they now want it checked him captured if you're invited to you'll see you don't need to do that no one else is this Jupiter petty. No one else is walking around eight poster child for damage grown up like this guy about this I mean seriously. What the NFL needs. I think is a little bit of a better partner in NFL network and I got to take a shot here at my god I don't know if he chose to go to were designed to do it. I was. Stunned. To see Mike Silber. At the university Chattanooga put a microphone this guy's face. If this guy wanted an NFL network microphone in the Stacy had shown he should've shown up to your main partner in the hall of fame and done something better. I just don't edit I. I mean I think the NFL network did as much to disrespect the hall of fame is Terrell stated by covering the event by giving him a platform. And by giving him a platform NFL NASA say it would sell jeez well we have to I guess what people know that. Should we bother to vote for them into the hall of fame the expectation is that they would show up and be like. Cool. Look at now you open a can of worms that there is someone who is crazy is still doesn't wanna show up for their hall of fame induction then the they have the right you'd go out and either bouncing and maybe the NFL coverage. In the interest of full disclosure. I don't want to single element of the whole thing in this weekend I watched bits and pieces I didn't want to single elephant Eric elephant posted Tuesday and want to single element of it. And I think the elephant in the room. Is that not. A single video a single quote a single moment from any of these speeches is gone viral. Have you seen any. I think they're really gets it got me was Brian Dawkins who talked about how old you know he'd kind of brought awareness to he was at a point I guess for he was gonna consider taking his own life. So he I I appreciate that he's bringing awareness to mental health and so for so yes she is his set out to me. Haven't seen that didn't see a lot of people tweeting about it guide you know are a lot of these messages there can be very cool and personal and I saw that Randy Moss wore a high eight. With the victims of police shootings on NOK so there's some symbolism right there but I really don't know what would Randy Moss said he can I didn't watch I know that. Ray Lewis traveled on for about 33 minutes and the most and I here's the thing you know what I'm gonna remember most from this NFL hall of fame weekend. Robert Clinton goes piece on Sports Illustrated dot com basically saying. Yes so blood the only reason why like. Ray Lewis is because we haven't been able to ask him a serious question not once in my thirteen fourteen years about the bubble wrap to protect the right from and that was really interest thing I remember that more than anything that happened. At a key in this weekend and I remember the fact that Mike Shanahan sent CJ bastard. To. Can't Ohio to see his his grandfather how animus that. I saw someone say that the Ray Lewis bust it was really bad in the beginning. And I thought wait a minute Paul same bad bust. That's our market that's the Bay Area sports hall of fame we own that market. So why. I thought we had another brandy chest pain moment and it turned out that they were attaching. That was Jerry lewis' buss know someone out of touch as well no wonder though there was the Ray Lewis bus actually looked more leg. Ray Lewis and the brandy chess team boss looks like Brady chest pain that's for sure. So just not even interested at all in it at all this weekend. I got pulled out there it was nice outside this weekend like I am in his speeches. Like. I've got to be honest I really liked Randy Moss that the player at times Randy Moss what he's got to say this. Not really. News room. Brian Dawkins maybe I missed something there Brian Urlacher again huge Chicago Bears fan doesn't just don't care and I you know I know that he wants bankers so that's about the only interesting post career thing that ever happened to Brian Urlacher. On men let's see what else would of happened over the weekend from football there's yeah now I'm not much right. All that really matters think James about to start yes that that's what really matters coming up on Thursday. We'll see the 49ers play for the first time and then on Friday. Jon Gruden steps back in for the very first time. I'm ready tie and tails Obama officially ready you know what what are your real goals it's just simple stay healthy that's it. That's it that's all that matters. Lot of talk about Richard Sherman. Putting his hamstring this week and easy to take the week to rest and I heard. Reagan Vontae talking about how wonder if it's connected like you know because you're rehabbing. Your Achilles you are over compensating in one place and this that the other thing. Hey I'm I'm not I'm not I can these geologist. I'm not a doctor I don't know exactly. What happened. But I was at the football practice what he fell down directly in front of me and I can tell you that. Richard Sherman Curtis hamstring when he fell down go boom like that's the only real analysis to put into what happened he went down he grabbed his hand me he didn't participate the rest of the day if you wanna get in the week that's great if you wanna give them a month that's good rates. Ernie to see him until game one of the regular season. I know. What to watch foreign pre season week one here's what I wanna see I wanna see. No one who's really important and even touching the field of Richard wants to relax he can to get further. Into 49ers training camp at. Adam Caplan an NFL insider you can hear him on Sirius XM he says he's a current free agent out there right now wish my team could sign this guy because he covers the NFL so well Adam Caplan joining us here on the Damon brew show good to document how are you. Gay man and yet my contract could be just expired wanted to yes I make free agency that's what that means by. Just California managed just I was with them for two days from head up the outlook for two days so we'll read your little wonder coming. Well let's get bin and a couple more days from now hopefully we get a little report on what's going on with the Napa but you're just in Santa Clara I was there last week in the very first thing I noticed league you can only glean some things when you look over camp quickly. It's just how well organized an up tempo the whole thing was it really looks like John lynching Kyle Shanahan sculpture. It's been installed no questions asked. It's funny you say that that match and that to us from. 49 Ers opened mad about the cold pursued different Europe and therefore there's a fourteen years since 2005 that was my goal and no I guess forty year we you and I hate to show period over the years we talked which in terms solo. That how that worked out and Jim Harbaugh. Jim Kelly this one. You know it's about a little bit not that we're gonna call Kyle Shanahan Bill Walsh. But this is condos. One of the young up and coming coach who see the game differently. You've got offensive structure. That's progress. And it's going to be the bigger effort that was so that let you know got escorted back. I think you go to supper and I just being around the men and then you know I have on the same by about this team. They're going to be on the watch about cynical play out psychic will be similar 71988. Children more than the Bible and the biggest predictor and and the staple at the stand they should be capped their car culture that had. I think he's I think he's got to so let's go to product on the limited thought today to guy chart. You know what he wants and I think you two don't want it getting it huge will be pinched and tickled the time. When you watch Chip Kelly coach who has like he spoke to his coaches no real contact with the players no one on one certainly no hands on in the moment Kyle Shanahan runs around the field and we'll coach. That player is soon as his rap in that and that rep is done I mean he is very hands on and I don't know if that is. New modern something his dad taught him a Bill Walsh note but he seems to be as. And is as physically hands on NFL head coaches I've seen in a long time he's not up in some tower with a bullhorn anymore. Yes so chip tell you met chip chip did not believe an awesome cloture on the field he believed in the classroom. Until now crowded boat. Are there watching Lester did that in him more talked about the way to coaches on the field. The look on the show that on the show them. What did can be corrected and more acute wrapping it works or works to correct it. But of course there's a couple of times where do they understand Erdogan but the fact that mattered who can handle I would agree you're faster and and I think that they got a relatively young coach and stay out. Who quote pile up as we go to earlier in the second he's. Adam Caplan NFL insider here on 957 again we were just talking about Richard Sherman who I was there when he went down with a hamstring injury he's gonna take the rest of the week to rest I think they're gonna give me even more than that how much we see Richard during the pre season. That's that's that did the topic should be zero I think I think Richard Sherman needs is zero pre season snaps what do you think. Yet but from talking and others it's sound like a couple weeks Eddie's dad. You muck toward just different from those discussed cuddled up towards Tilly is note that hamstring issue. During your soul. You gotta be careful you gotta be really careful with a guy and he's gonna do it they they expect distorting quarter. He's the one and older core that they talented group then the need for this side to leadership. And the central Richards is. In the short special regatta that at some point here because. You talk and they wouldn't we look at the situation. He leads Seattle. You see. You know we had a very bad injury that took editor torn Achilles little ways it's worse than torn ACL. Part of told me over the years it takes you have to cheers to get back to normal. Affecting he's going to be his old self that they need to challenge and this sub contract structure. Go to play well this is gonna come back next yourself. This type they must all just take this slowly you don't need to Russia's got. Adam I think their receiving corps might not have a definitive number one. But it's not made up of the whole bunch of blurry east 34 fives anymore like I that you just about every forty niner. Receiver in their starting set could pretty much cracked the starting set. And in most NFL sued the city so I mean I did. If you could play wide receiver for the 49 as you warning and NFL wide receiver it's not like that anymore and I think Donte' pettis is going to be an interesting little wrinkle to keep an eye on I know he's been turning some coaches that he can't. In your attitude common unless it is this a dagger palaces and here we want to talk about bomb. We should really talk markets what he can meet the guy that people don't know much about outside this area I can talk to him yesterday. Silicon chip on the shoulder in as he told me. Dole didn't want him back. Kyle Shanahan had a platform based multi rescued from first on the square. All sixteen games. In old spice up a little bit he is he told you try to build that timeout. Our timing down with quarterback Jimmy grew up all of the store working mother. But the fact the matter is. This guy it is very talented receivers not just to trek story mono yeah what you were sent you catch it he told me called the mood around there. To create that space the matchups so foresee that appear Golisano and well why that happened in Paris takes the most snaps. A bottle like soccer also play in it in the slot but we'll try until are out there are plenty of global war in the session up batted. It didn't eat that you'd been in veterans yeah I would yeah I agree what that in years. Ever since improbable luck is just a bunch of guys. Not anymore I don't think you're right on there and it's actually beat beat pretty competitive group. The other 60000. Dollar question is kicked in Jared MacKinnon in Matt read. Become Kyle she and enhanced version of Dovonte Freeman and having Coleman. What kind of chances would you give that I think they're very interest thing is the young fast backfield. Who item might lead the NFL in catches out of the backfield. Yes so I don't think that. McKinnon is the power back of that street without the real difference. Christian terms of speed and play making ability. No question about it here in the that he is. Look. I'll make the call Kyle made the call you know we're talking about Canada and as our first. I I think I think you're right on with Kevin Coleman. And they need a lot colder there physically. He's unbelievably explosive potential really exclude all of send challenged only in this offense earlier today. It's fair dirt Tom Bennett times in order to actually looks explained it is better I think candidacy that would Kevin and three. Campbell we amnesty cannot I don't know that. The only kid that's being started he showed blister can handle some volume and running back what they were married actually McKinney got a little more work than I expected. But in the end that we can end game. They're paying to be guided imagery go back. We go back about. And where Joseph DeForest let him up terrorist bolstered another practice today. To export a much Kelly to be pretty good player targets special teams player want to look at what they do you're most dirt and Julia. Their ego I want even hold it against him that he's a Purdue boilermakers Adam Caplan joining us here on 957 the game you were just down. In Santa Clara I'm wondering if you had any chance to put Iran down the hall of fame this weekend in the deleted with any impressions and thoughts. It was pretty off from Brian Dawkins who look at that ESPN and your club a little bit local utility which. The people. I know what you meant to them and getting the right idiot in and help you watch if you watch determining how emotionally it's just an incredible. Human being the best people I've been around then. Really great start art display the total and there and no we want to go to Chattanooga. What do you can't tell people do to lie I just think that I loved it would love for them their experiences that all week I was three years ago. When Jerome that a simple play in court docket will work with prettiest PM there that unbelievable experience to be around all of the call favors those parties that just to talk to people that I grew up watching this critical that I hate. I will be participating. In what look don't go to all say because there's nothing like being there are no question about. Right you know I know a lot of people just wanna give everybody the widest berth in the world to be is unique and special is they can be all day long I think Adam sometimes it's up to adults in the room. To look at the non adults the Romans just say you know what you're screwing this up. And if you're going to sit across me right now how many Dahlan that you just screwed that up to the point that you will regret it forever you try to be as cool as you wanna be about your your Chattanooga thing. But the fact that you weren't there is the perfect symbolic ending to a career that. Still as greatest production was comes with a lot of questions. Yet met Ed Norton there's been. There's so many players who were not first of all sabres. Cris Carter remember US envoy happy Harry Carson and others. They will tell you once you give him. Everything nothing else matters in terms of what happened about not getting a first ballot is forget about it and they love every second of and that's what eligibility cabinet but you know what. One of different players I can remember being a little bit. It eats. He's a different guy you'd never know what to expect from them that everyone says that particular motive to go to his college due to our habit this is sort. I guess you could call it bush or being in the wholesale affect matters what I want the other guys in that bet. That I so want to do I would have quite you know what to each his own we can't of people do. Two weeks his own indeed Adam Caplan so after a couple days around the 49ers. Are you still installing the rams on paper is the favorite to win the NFC west. Also sure that no question about it. I would be a little bit concerned about personally personality unit and into the locker room. I live that would be the level these so called dream team game and you gotta be careful about that other 49 Ers have a shortage so we are. And they have a head coach and really good to be dramatically everything that I fictional they've also done a great job. But you'd bring it seemed to leave and and also markets Peters. Market Peterson been out there and tell but. Final the idea that any recent position in its total to coach them. Would any read do I want to acquire. Mentality is. Yeah this cautioned that the outlook concerned about what would happen to them but for the most delicate moment even close. But the the talent deployed web coaching. And more importantly how players handle themselves. Also matter they'll bridge the other team has successfully sued. Awesome stuff from Adam Caplan always great to talk to specially fresh out of a camp into the match and I can I do my producer Joba just booked Q after you spent a couple days in Napa right now we'll talk to you again soon. I've got a why I have about a way to go about all of our own. Outlet so the best out of thank you so much buddy talk to you soon. Thank you Adam Caplan. NFL insider the first degree really liked that guy man really does a good job interesting stuff out of 49ers camp in Santa Clara be real interesting to see what he thinks what gruden is doing. Up in Napa. I can tell you that I know that the lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom. Was it raiders practice today I saw a few people tweeting about that so there you go away well. Coiffed head of hair very much less around the raiders today it they 9579570. Is the number your calls we haven't taken any editor trying to communicate with the show he can use text line today acres were out on remote here at TPC still on break through the Ellie Mae classic will tell you more about that we'll look at is some of these. Unbelievable. Programming coming up for you on the the boat show this week dates here and this is the Denver Chenault. Now back to redeem include. 1957. Welcome welcome we will get back to your calls we'll get back to well whatever I was just teasing talking about all these amazing events that ESPN's get a bring out for the Ochoa when they feel unleashed that a little bit later on this week but up. Speaking of unleash the hair's been unleashed here on our remote Dallas Braden is sitting down to talk with us he's got to what would you tee time today you know. Our second ER I think next Tuesday is when I tee off 520 I got a hot minute. All seeking this. Can hang out and I know bucket of balls career or not they're not her dad I need ice water maybe you know maybe another round of these spirits whomever you guys were gnawing on when I showed up. It is it they called it a pork wing it supposed to look like a chicken wing but we're going out of pork it was phenomenal all the head chef here at TPC like Andre was good enough to just drop it off you can take that road dog with audio and picks why all of your work there you go you can take that to the range if you need it. I get raided then it would it would rule we've got you going low forest today don't feel like a good number what I said I I said the beautiful part about my golf game it's very consistent doesn't matter. Five holes. The front nine. The entire course it's going to be an 86. Could cook so I just title and Costello in for that it's that's that's Richard tell you what you played a whole course you come within 86 is pretty good right. I look if I can find my ball after every time I take a swing that is they win for me so a lot. A lot more times than not I'm waiting on the golf course not no I like to play you get elected says the transition. Boy you got to find a lot of baseballs when he isn't done swinging because they usually hit him into the stay. And odd years souvenirs city is littered these days littered these days let me ask you get around the team all yearlong why did the a's picked the last month and a half to click did you see it coming or did it kinda come out of nowhere. I think it's I think it's fair to say. And if if you bad deal when he's penciled in as a 9092. Win team. In April I I am going to call you liar I'm going to tell you know. I didn't see that I am right around 8385. Wins item plus 100 baseball. How did you feel that there could be some guys that really start to emerge and take and take the next step in to their progression. But what we're seeing right now I think. It's not necessarily guys that are collecting all the same time that's happened if you look I think I wanna say over the saudis last. Like thirty or 48 b.s he hasn't been swinging it quite well so the usual suspects who were to be done. Or clicking all the right time there's been some guys have sort of pulled off. What I think has happened. Is you've seen eighteen just. Get better. Then what they were at the onset of the season and that's the street legal to do you conceded entire group of people just start to play. A better brand of baseball than the one they were playing. When they showed up and that is what I think has led to the success you've seen. The bullpen emerge. As I don't wanna save them Austin baseball but as undoubtedly one of the top five most threatening weapons you're talking about rolling out those three headed monster that they just added to. With with with Sean Kelly you know since the glove toss this guy's throwing for 200 baseball's these days so. You've got reinforcements. Only to come along and support. The bridge that has been there when when I tell you that juries familiar is the bridge. To the ninth inning. Any Major League bullpen just just think about that for two seconds as the guy who's close in bowl games with a New York Mets now and now he's setting up. Lou Trevino to hand the ball to bully trying to. It reminds me an awful lot to Kansas City Royals from a few years ago or is basically the sixth inning and then goodnight folks yes they get to starter gets hit the six he got to run early in the sixth you are 90% chance that home HD to open in the performance enhancing move her Guerrero we have Davis and Andre Holland not a page PH Dallas Braden joining us here and 95 cents in the game were out it TPC east don't break it is the Ellie Mae classic stuff curry says he's got a zero handicap he's gonna go out there enough. And and and try to play anywhere else getting apple to just play around with a proposal that later on cheesy mud just missed the cut last year. If you want out there really Thursday Friday to set yourself up. Where would you be looking at the cut line on on Saturday morning absolutely not no I'd like the only thing being cut would be somebody's forehead standing here at 10 o'clock coffee. Only thing that's like me and what she did this apartment doesn't believe it go because I don't know I know that baseball players usually are good golfers in all groups of baseball players it's the pitchers like the kid who got all the time in the world to get around then on the day they're not play and I mean I heard that one Maddux Glavine and smoltz is the greatest recent history golf. Yes no doubt but I tell you like I had a lot of opportunities throughout my throughout my abbreviated big league career. To hack up some of the best courses that the AL west and everybody in between had offered no life. But I just. Like truth be told. Out of all the years I've played golf like the last I'd say three or four really is only how long I've been playing. Because I had shoulder surgery and I told myself back after a shoulder surgery I'm either going to throw a baseball from mound. Or event I can start to play golf because I should not be playing golf while trying to get back to throwing a baseball so the minute I threw my last sari pitched. And and had the shoulder so dot gov is an asserting that on the golf course and start screwing around start. Start hashing it out and so it's a bit about her four years feds say what one was your last pitch what my last pitch was thrown in 2011. But I was I was throwing in 2012. All the way to 2014. I was ready to re right was rehabbing and eventually blew out one final time and. Right and that we know that's where we're all that's yet and that's how you got to the driving range today. Yeah let me Ellie Mae got lots of unlikely it's fantastic. So. So this team just got through I don't wanna seem easy to beat Detroit tiger team but the number stacked up well they went through this tiger team without allowing an earned run. As a former pitcher just what do you think of that. Yet that is. Some didn't let's it's it's daytime it's that time there is there's really no better feeling than fourth in the lineup card. Three maybe even four times and feeling just a sense of domination as a starting staff coming into the series I believe it was 22. Street starts at they had not had. The starter go beyond the sixth inning. So Edwin Jackson comes out slices of diocese gives us seven strong six and a third strong excuse me. In the chaminade seven innings of shut out baseball and you follow that up with Trevor Cahill yesterday. Dazzling. It it. It was what needed to happen from eighteen standpoint if you were looking it. Where there shortcomings were were you were looking where they can make up ground it would be to shorten the length and the demand on the bullpen. And who does that the starting staff so now. You go into that series saying we need more out of you and that's exactly what you get is a dominant performance to the tune of zero birdies I mean you. You quite literally can't ask for more than that. So it does nothing mirage you about this this this looks real this'll likes the lowest team. It is the lowest team payroll in Major League Baseball is is going into the playoffs and not like backing in whimpering and the like role in not in other teams need to be worried. This is not a drill right it's it's not a drill a mean and look if we're going to be honest though you have to be honest and say did we see this coming from the starting rotation do the answer is absolutely not this they're doing it with day as I referred to. It 2.0 rotation. Did you got three different guys on this club right now who could have been in the rotation that are dealing with that that have gone to Tommy John answer. But can't figure out that three guys in a rotation. That it now undergone Tommy John yeah nobody else is deal with that you've got one guy in shaman who's still on the rotation that was in the rotation opening day. One guy you got Edwin Jackson. Edwin Jackson on the internationally he's winning ball games for Trevor Cahill. Brett Anderson a reunion from 08 their winning ball games for you right now. You didn't see that coming nobody didn't if you did I'd call real liar again. So to get what you've gotten out of these guys it's not necessarily a mirage because they're all sort of feeding off each other but you didn't see it coming. Dallas Braden joining us here on his game and her show lucky you worked for everything given to you how much can you appreciate a guy like Edwin Jackson at all. Finally landing a spot where he's gonna get a little bit of the spotlight on him assured and if this all keeps going we're rethink its gonna go but. I mean look at what the Major League lifestyle is a very cool. But not always glamorous lifestyle and this guy he's been paid well compensated well and he probably has now at the same closet to look at for more than four months in a row and his entire life like eighteen is a 88 trident truth journey man if there ever was one and I'm guessing the guys like you Dallas said the special spot in your heart for guys like that. There's a reason that you find yourself on thirteen different ball clubs and a lot of people. Their initial knee jerk reaction is oh he couldn't get it done all he wasn't fitting end. But contrary. There's a chance more times than not disband came in serve this purpose did what he needed to do and at times ended up becoming your resource. For one team to move to another team could require said resource they were in need of that's who Edwin Jackson is as a human being regardless of what you think the baseball card says so. Having sat by and watched the conversations he had with these kids the minute he showed up in this rotation admitted he showed up and this allows the impact he had just in games of catch in the video room there's a lot to be said for a guy who's made his way around the block a timer to. Who's now being able to come in as you said he had the spotlight shone on him but also put his arm around some of these young kids eleven male. This is how we can win at the big league level he addressed it. I'm here because this team I feel is special I know what I want to achieve on here not here for the paycheck. On here for the pride and joy under for the fallen under for the dirt underneath my cleats on here for that champagne I wanna earn the bird at the end this thing he's been there done that he wants to taste it again and he saw or golden opportunity he saw. A green and gold opportunity. All of our on this guy's just too good. Seriously Emmanuel and infectious attitude about you really do you hear your your easy to be around oh no doubt that David did look he became a baseball provides. A lot for a lot of different people in different ways it's provided me with the ability to wake up. And and give my family life and when you get to show to the ballpark every game you get to see. People enjoy the game and have fun playing the game that you love. And they do it I don't wanna say the right way which you do the did they do it in a way in which you can get on board with men that's that's the blessing it is my wish it is my wish that the Bay Area. We'll put aside what ever gripes that might have had with ownership with the ballpark would ever was keeping you from leaning forward on the days I hope to people. Overlook that now and just get behind what I think is a fascinating interest in baseball story you and I were just talking about where is that disconnect a little bit sometimes between the fan base the region the team. What would you like to see happen here as we move from dog days to crunch time to you got a baseball team to come rueful. What you have the support but I think it would be you know it would it would behoove the fans and it would behoove. The front office to understand where each other is coming from could you got a fan bases since our guys know I dug my heels and a few years ago. When you were selling pieces off and not addressing our wants and needs I'm not showing up. Those fans have every right. To maintain their stance. Understood no doubt about it because there's a certain. Something you have to do it's either that or get off the pot if you know what yes yes and and that has sort of become what would defend bases is saying they're like look. There's there's a portion of us that are waiting for a reason to buy and if you were ever looking for a reason to buy and you've been hit over the head with one now a baseball team that's twenty games over 500. That is looking to not only did in the post season via a wildcard. This got the division. Which is something that was laughable to think about April native south division and cross hairs right now and that is something to be very very excited because that's not that's not just not work that's not no that's not just me blowing smoke now that's true and I saw that the Astros were the only team in baseball these five pitchers in do you six someone's got just DL Atlanta coach does it SO yes that's. It's unbelievable they've only use five guys and I wonder why they do you know that does. The cotton spend tall and high grade now let's see if they can get through this and about and think about this thing about this TV Oakland a's have now used or with the signing of Mike fires are now going to employ the thirteenth starting pitcher that's second slot behind Tampa Bay who's starting off on any given day a water boy a clubby and they BofA and that's why. Sergio Romo right exactly you have to start today. But Dallas is is fantastic mental history today for us would never have prayed and it really really appreciate you stopping up by your good guy man really enjoy on the broadcast thanks thank you so thanks for coming on by talk but to offer a peek now we sell well they're America's spirit not very good Dallas Braden gimme those sultry station idea if you would back in the studio please.
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