Curry: ‘We’re going to try to get greedy and go get some more’

Splash Bros deliver classic exchange at Championship Parade

Karl Buscheck
June 12, 2018 - 11:38 am

Before the Warriors hopped on the bus for their Championship Parade, the kings of the NBA took the stage in downtown Oakland to look back at the season that was.

Stephen Curry paid his respects to the Golden State fans, and, in the process, produced a trademark moment with his Splash Brother Klay Thompson.

Steph: I never really imagined that we would be having one parade, let alone two and now three. But this is for you guys. This is why it’s so special to be playing in the Bay Area, in front of you fans all of Dub Nation.”

So, we appreciate you and your support and we’re going to try to get greedy and go get some more.”

Klay, you got a thought?

Klay: Yea, what Steph said.

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