Curry responds to the doubters: ‘This is the time where we earn our money’

Injured superstar stops by ‘Beyond the Arc’ to preview the playoffs

Karl Buscheck
April 13, 2018 - 3:44 pm

The two-time MVP Stephen Curry joined Tim Roye on “Beyond the Arc” on Thursday night to discuss all things Golden State.

Curry also offered a message for all the detractors who have been wondering whether the reigning kings of the NBA will be able to get it going once the playoffs begin.

“We’ve won championships two of our last three years and we’ve played at an extremely high level during the regular season and put together a string of wins that no other team in the history of the league has done,” Curry said on 95.7 The Game.

“This year, we’ve battled so many different circumstances and injuries and things and still ended up with 58 wins and felt like we can be a lot better and know we will.”

“So, I have full confidence in myself and my teammates being able to bring that playoff and championship intentensity and attitude and focus come this weekend.”

Curry, who’s been out since March 23 with a sprained left MCL, is set to be officially re-evaluated on Saturday but is targeting a return during the Western Conference semifinals.

“This is the time where we earn our money and we push the envelope and chase something that is extremely special. Because every year this stuff is not guaranteed no matter how great you are,” Curry said. “Winning a championship is hard and we understand that and I think we’re ready for the challenge.”

Jump to the 17:43 mark in the podcast below to hear Curry in his own words:

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