Bob Myers on anti-bullying & the KD/Dray situation, plus how Raheem Mostert's wife may have saved his life

Anna checks in with the Warriors basketball boss and an assortment of Niners

Anna Kagarakis
November 30, 2018 - 4:13 pm
Community Champions

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In episode three of the pod, Anna Kagarakis sits down with Warriors Prez/General Manager Bob Myers at an anti-bullying event called the "Peaceful Warriors Summit with Adobe" at East Oakland Pride Elementary to discuss educating the youth on the causes, impacts and solutions surrounding violence and bullying. Myers also talks about dealing with the Kevin Durant and Draymond Green situation as well as the affects of social media.

Anna then travels down to Levi's Stadium to meet with various 49ers players about the NFL's "My Cause My Cleats" initiative and all the causes they support. She talks to running back Raheem Mostert about his support of the Melenoma Research Foundation after finding two precancerous moles; quarterback CJ Beathard's fight against Pediatric Cancer after meeting a cancer warrior; linebacker Dekoda Watson's foundation Koda's Kids and how his new diet is making him a better player; kicker Robbie Gould's continued work with Lurie Children's Hospital; and why ending sex trafficking is an important cause for wide receiver Trent Taylor.  

That and much more! Including how Bay Area teams helped on #GivingTuesday. 


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