Cowherd to Jimmy Butler: ‘You want to be like Mike, be like the Warriors’

‘Herd’ host says Wolves malcontent needs to follow the model of the back-to-back champs

Karl Buscheck
October 11, 2018 - 11:38 am

The day after Jimmy Butler delivered one of the most theatrical practice performances in NBA history, Colin Cowherd had some shrewd advice for the Timberwolve.

Instead of trying to be the Michael Jordan one-man wrecking crew mythologized in commercials, channel the Golden State Warriors.

“Aww, Jimmy. You want to be like Mike. Be like the Warriors,” Cowherd explained. "Sacrifice shots and ego to be part of a great community.”

Here are the details of the outburst by Butler, who’s angling for a trade out of Minnesota.

“Be like Chris Paul (and) James Harden. Be willing to give the other guys shots. Elevate the community over yourself. I love the NBA and the great great ones always figure it out. They need help.”

“LeBron James, ‘I want to play with Chris Bosh and D. Wade.’ Kevin Durant, ‘I want to play with Curry, Klay.’ There’s always a couple of guys in the NBA that still want to be like Mike. And what you want to be like, in 2018, is the Golden State Warriors. Play well will others.”

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