Celek would rather be on current 49ers team than club that lost in Super Bowl

Niners TE joins ‘The Damon Bruce Show’ to discuss 49ers’ rise

Karl Buscheck
December 21, 2017 - 6:43 pm

Garrett Celek, one of three 49ers remaining from the 2012 club that lost in Super Bowl, joined “The Damon Bruce Show” on Thursday to explain the differences between that club and the current iteration of the Niners.

“We had a really good team,” the tight end told Mychael Urban and John Dickinson, who were filling in for Damon. “But after being on that team to being on the team I’m on now, I felt like that team that year was missing something and that was, like, unity. I don’t think we had a unified team.

“I think if we had a unified team, there’s doubt in my mind we would have won the Super Bowl that year. And, this year, I’ve never been so excited about a team as I have been this year — just the type of guys that are on this team.

“We were an 0-9 team and we never fell apart. We just kept going. To me, I’d rather be on a team like that than be on a Super Bowl team because the things that this team is going to do in the future is going to be awesome.”

Check out the full interview with Celek in the podcast below:

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