Cain on Bonds’ Hall chances: ‘I hope things work out for him but it’s not up to me’

Giants former RH set to be added to club’s Wall of Fame

Karl Buscheck
January 24, 2018 - 1:11 pm

Leading into the Baseball Hall of Fame announcement, Matt Cain, the former Giants right-hander and the one-time teammate of Barry Bonds, joined “Mornings W/ Joe, Lo & Dibs” to discuss where he stands on the debate about whether the home run king should be in Cooperstown.

“I don’t know that other stuff. I never really stuck my nose too deep into it. I’ve never had too much of an opinion,” Cain told Joe Fortenbaugh, Lorenzo Neal and Dan Dibley on 95.7 The Game. “I know Barry was great to me. I know he was fun to play with. He’s fun to still chat with and take knowledge out of.”

Cain, along with Ryan Vogelsong, is slated to be added the Giants Wall of Fame on July 28.

“It was always entertainment for me when he was in the clubhouse — whether I was playing with him or even now when he’s been coming back in the clubhouse.”

“So, he’s been tremendous on my side in helping me and my career and I’ve enjoyed him. I hope things work out for him but it’s not up to me. And I don’t get a voice on it and I don’t get an opinion. If I had one, I’m going to keep it to myself anyway.”

Jump to the 40:25 mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Cain:


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