Boogie’s coming — DeMarcus Cousins to be integrated into Warriors’ practice ‘in the near future’

Golden State says big man is making ‘good progress’ in Achilles rehab

Karl Buscheck
October 22, 2018 - 6:47 pm

Just as Steve Kerr took the podium for his customary pre game press conference at Oracle Arena on Monday evening, a Warriors spokesman made an unexpected announcement.

“There should be a DeMarcus Cousins’ update in your inbox,” he advised.

Everyone's eyes darted to their iPhone or laptop of choice. 

The three-sentence release can be summarized as such: Boogie’s coming.

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DeMarcus continues to make good progress with his rehabilitation program. After spending the last few weeks doing various individual on-court activities and drills, he will, in the near future, be integrated into controlled aspects of team practices, although not scrimmages at this point. Additionally, he will continue with his off-court strength and conditioning.

Kerr proceeded to clarify just what it means to be “integrated into controlled aspects of team practices.”

“I think he’ll be more involved in practice,” Kerr said. “He’s been doing a lot of individual work, most of the young season. He has not participated in most of our practices. He’s done work in the weight room and training room. And then, on the floor before practice.

“So, I think we’re going to start seeing him involved in more of our team activities. Five-on-0, ball handling, skill work. And then if we do scrimmage, which is very rare, but if we do, it’s usually with the young guys. He’ll probably join those scrimmages.”

There’s still no timeline for the big man. And Kerr won’t be goaded into saying Boogie’s exceeding expectations when it comes to his rehab.

“We’re not going down that path,” Kerr said with a wry smile.

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