Bob Myers is the Warrior who never sleeps

From the season to the draft, to free agency to the summer league, the NBA is always on

Karl Buscheck
June 25, 2018 - 5:58 pm

It was a beautiful day in Oakland — much like the afternoon two Tuesdays ago when the Warriors, for the third time in four Junes, paraded around Lake Merritt in championship fashion.

For Bob Myers, it was also yet another busy day at the office amid yet another busy summer.

The Golden State president of basketball ops/GM is the Warrior who never sleeps.

“Well, when you have a (pre-draft) workout the day of the parade, I guess that kind says what the deal is,” Myers said on Monday afternoon, sitting on the stage at the Rakuten Performance center, alongside Jacob Evans, the newest Warrior.

“Good problems,” radio voice Tim Roye, who was emceeing the event, interjected.

“Yeah,” Myers replied. “But we’d like to stop for one second.”

That rest will have to wait.

While his players basked in the glow of yet another title and dispersed across the country — and in the case of Klay Thompson across the globe — to unwind, Myers shifted immediately into draft preparation.

Now he’s working on free agency which begins Sunday. The Warriors have seven free agents — including back-to-back Finals MVP Kevin Durant. Myers also has to extend his head coach, and good friend, Steve Kerr.

“That should be one of the lower-stress negotiations that we have to do,” Myers said.

The first of two summer leagues begins July 2 in Sacramento. The second begins four days after that in Las Vegas.

Asked if he ever gets a day off, Myers makes a surprised sound that resembles a laugh.

“You’d like to,” Myers said. “I mean, you need to. I think mentally is the hardest thing — it’s not healthy in my opinion to be so consumed that you can’t have some (semblance) of balance.”

“I think it’s hard to do any job that way,” the executive continued. “But yeah, after we hopefully fill the roster out, which could be the end of July, it could be early August. There’s some time between the start of the season. It seems to be more and more compressed with the season starting earlier.”

Last fall, the Warriors played a pair of exhibitions in China on Oct. 5 and 8, pushing up the preseason schedule. They have no such obligation this time around.

“For us, free agency probably will go into late July. You got two-way (contracts) and you’ve got guys potentially playing on the USA team. It’s kind of a constant ebb and flow but I’ve found that August is a time to kind of decompress — and it’s necessary.”

Any breaks are much appreciated. During the Steve Kerr Era, the Warriors have packed in more than an extra season of playoff games, 83 to be exact. Both on draft night and at Evans introductory press conference, Myers looked — and sounded — gassed.

Over the historic stretch of winning, no Warrior has worked harder than Myers, who’s wobbling toward the end of yet another marathon.

“Fortunately having been lucky enough to be in this for the last four years, there’s a pace,” Myers explained. “You can’t get too high. You can’t get too low. It’s too hard to do the job with that type of volatility emotionally."

“So you try to appreciate what what we accomplish but know that there’s more work to do. And then, to be honest, not get caught up in any narrative that’s too far good or bad. Because most of the time things aren’t fantastic or awful. It’s usually in the middle.”

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