Bill Simmons says Patrick Mahomes is the Stephen Curry of the NFL

The Ringer boss draws out the parallels between No. 30 & football’s newest star

Karl Buscheck
October 08, 2018 - 11:48 am

Last week, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons offered up the kind of take that makes you go “hmmm.”

“Patrick Mahomes is Steph Curry for football,” Simmons said on ESPN’s “Jalen & Jacoby.”

Since then, Mahomes proceeded to dice up the Jags for 313 yards in Week 5, pushing the Chiefs to an unblemished 5-0. Comparing the QB wunderkind to a transcendent talent like the three-time champ Curry is bold, very bold. But hear Bill out.

As Simmons noted, it’s all about timing when it comes to this comparison...

“So, (he) comes into the league right as its changing, right? So, Steph Curry comes into the league right as people start getting the spacing, 3-point shooting — all this stuff.”

“And he’s the best shooter we’ve ever but also the timing of the shooting. He’s at the forefront of this new revolution.”

“Mahomes comes in right as the rules have changed and football’s turning into touch football. You can’t touch the quarterback. You can’t hold receivers over the middle. We’re having more 400-yard games (than) ever. It’s just, it’s touch football.”

“He is the best flag football quarterback you could ever possibly have. He can run. He’s got a cannon. You’re not allowed to hit him.”

Simmons’ comparison goes on to hit on a number of different factors, including the observation that the PG and QB are both the son of an ex-pro athlete.

Here’s Simmons in his own words:

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