Bill Simmons says he’ll eat testicles if the Raiders reach the playoffs

Ringer boss is a noted critic of the silver and black’s new head coach

Karl Buscheck
September 07, 2018 - 9:14 am

About a week after Bill Simmons proclaimed that Jon Gruden is going to be a “disaster” in his second go-around with the Raiders, the Ringer chief has once again delivered a memorable headline surrounding the club.

Let’s just say Simmons doesn’t think the Khalil Mack-less Raiders will be taking part in the postseason. Here’s how it went down on his “Guess the Lines” podcast with Cousin Sal.

“If the Raiders make the playoffs, what’s the most disgusting thing I could eat on the podcast and videotape it...”

“You know what, I’ve always swore that I’ll never eat testicles. Those, like, the brains, you know, like cow testicles are a delicacy. I’ll eat testicles on a podcast. And they can be human testicles, cow testicles. I’ll eat some pair of testicles on this podcast if the Raiders make the playoffs. It will never happen.”

File this one away in case Gruden and the Raiders shock Simmons and the football universe in the season to come.

Jump to the 17:42 mark in the pod to hear Simmons bold bet:

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