Bill Romanowski says Khalil Mack ‘better get his a-- back in camp’

Romo breaks down the biggest silver and black storyline of the preseason

Karl Buscheck
August 22, 2018 - 11:31 am

Four-time Super Bowl champ Bill Romanowski joined “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill on Tuesday afternoon and kept it candid when discussing the absence of Khalil Mack, holdout defensive star.

“He better get his a-- back in camp,” Romo said on 95.7 The Game. “And, let this play out, earn his way back. I think he’s hurting himself and I think he will be back. I think there’s too much to lose.”

The Raiders continue their preseason preparation on Friday night, hosting the Packers at the Coliseum at 7:30 pm.

“To me, you let your playing do the talking and let that give you your money,” Romo continued. “And, they got Derek Carr done and now the next piece — you have to have your pass rusher.”

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They’ve got their quarterback. So, it’s something they have to do but I do like the way Jon Gruden’s handling it — especially early when he said, ‘Hey we didn’t win many games last year and we had him.’

“So, I actually like that but you do need Khalil Mack back and the worry is to get him and he’s not ready to play yet and it takes him three to four games to get in game shape.”

Jump to the 34:14 mark to hear Romo’s full take on Mack:

Papa & Bonta – Hour 2 – NFL

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, August 21st
Hour 2.  Greg Papa and Bonta Hill talk about Kyle Shanahan’s press conference, dive deep into the helmet rule with Bill Romanowski, and the Letters to 87 documentary airing tonight on NBC Sports Bay Area.

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I don't want to sort of make the team so you go with that I TJ read. This intriguing I'm a free kick that he'll let the British got a shoulder injury and healthy I mean right now. You know the kick off your being eliminated in the league we know that. Minnesota's got a new kicker they have brought in I mean I think you just touch back at a sticky kicked it right through the end John votes were around that. But EU yet if somebody vector to return kick off straight right DOJ Reid looks powerful on that it's a totally different skilled at returning punts. That duct tape that is you don't wanna return kick off shall get hurt but a big. In a low center of gravity of talk in thick strong DJ Reid can run back kick offs and you looked solid so far but I do worry. I'll safety depth popular listening to 957 game KG and CFM an AC one KG into San Francisco a radio dot com station helmet rule. Seems to be the flavor of the month right now on the NFL a share for cows and hand on the Helm. Rule I know what I think is illegal tackle. And then I know what the new rule articulates with the words. So that it makes it hard to figure out. How much for following that exactly and how much I'm not so that you know sort of once in between trying to figure out and I'm I don't think people know that exactly yeah. The other personal thoughts on the pros and cons of the of the pool and it. Howard hit worse than what it means to the big picture of the game. I think there will eventually. And I think well I think everyone knows it's an issue right now and I'm hoping that. People have figured out. Yes counseling him earlier today meeting with the Bayern needed their pop. We really don't know and we're gonna see pre season now did you watch last night's game that you look here adopted son I didn't see the I watched it looks possession short term game off wash CA split out into any. Questionable hits in this. In the animals our. I've not seen any last night. Andrews I I played really well but he's just off right now first awarded and later the first interception at running back has got to stop he's got to move his feet there make a play. Buddies you know pass rush is bothering him he's not a rip in the vault them into that the bulk of businesses who want intruded to oil the tight end. 84 he said the procedure mostly silent as a big time throw. He also hit a later he makes it stepped up in the pocket they had him but he's not letting it rip in the past Russia doesn't how to take a hit right now. And I understand the getting back to a helmet rule. Ani here at again you know and populist drivel the media is picks up on something over and over and over and over again. It is. We talked about it before the game started replay that they Renato overly excessively. That's kind of redundant and it just excessively. Flakus very. And that's that's what they want. It's like you can't you know also say. Incher is your first night is your first day school. So the first day of school you can stay up light all summer so the first day school. We're ready yet to go to bed at 8 o'clock right would do that and any other secondary is going to stay up till your side it. Or ten you know whatever depending on the Asian cricket should be that the pre season. The flag every day. It is editing close at all and we can't really get a position as she had. Wrote a flag. And then when the real games start we're going to be back off and let you play we're not gonna let the Linear sure Marco which is an inch mark or Thomas advocate the cat. Kicked out the colts in Seattle we got caught now and Denver Sharon Arco would ever let you know that kind of Linear. Launch. Bit dead you know the players are grappling with what what do I do here. That's why he wrote quad Smith gets drafted eight overall it misses all the training camp he's not a month because that we know. He would take money out of my pocket for doing my job. So what what exactly do we need can that some of the video they sent out before but outdated some of it did really ideal body allotted. So there in I think what's happening now in and park avenue. In coaching is our offices around the league. Ownership. They're getting together they're trying to come up with more of exactly what we're looking at here but I think they're gonna back off on it. I think budget. Which you don't want. Is saving end and that the niners don't typically do this let's say they wanna toss sweep to Joseph stately. Right and they have McCain an interview that some Iran money that they Ochoa so it's a toss sweep to the left. Staley comes around the lead block. You know if he drops his helmet and drives a guy. Is that Canada's flag I hope you know I you know I we haven't seen any of those but I think there's some in Ambien get to know goal line or short yardage situation. You know low man wins how it'll Connecticut down and really drive blocked what we haven't GO marsh on dropping its helmet to track guy. I think they're gonna back off for those so it's becoming a talking point because the players Richard Sherman's tweeting Kyle Shanahan is unclear how do you coach it. My question would be. All right we know. Here's the rules but from what we really do as far as coaching. When a player comes to me like mustard on that daughter play. What do you tell them if you Richard high tower I don't know what you're caliber hair you medic could play great but. They play the flag hit it hit just as bad is if you kick the ball the end zone to touch back. Right they call you tackle them on the five. If it's a fifteen yard penalty Iraq which wanting to sell what I I think they think the league the coaches. The players are looking for clarity. But it's not it's going to be cloudy you just don't know all attic it's going to be kind of thing Gloria after this feel it out so the media is going to be a big hit the ground. Because that's what we do. But I think there are people that really make decisions in the league you heard Matt Millen might prayers were talking about these things they're gonna back often but it's not going to be that dissimilar last year. From last year probably a little tighter. But I think the coaches and players just need a little clarity visually appear visual learner. And that the wick the written word but you know it's the spirit of the ruling got to go on display. So I think they'll back off. But you know it's IA III think what September rolls around it's not going to be the issue it's been. It's just not gonna hopefully it doesn't cost in the team's game were to talk to Bill Romanowski four time Super Bowl champ. At 130 about his helmet rule of course calmer policy as well will join us at 2 o'clock because led us to number 87 premieres tonight on NBC sports Bay Area. Cannot wait for that at shortly after turns polls can show on NBC sports period it's going to be a really good program may have to bring its issues with me. For that one put. Romo will get romo's off on this pop in there and Abdul wonder how a player like Romo. How would he be able to adjust today helmet rules but the good faith gave a bee wrote what was youth had to hit a priest who they believe are carry problems we Kerry Collins broke his jaw. Basically that would be. Probably be ejected in today's game for a hit like that popped. Today they would legit JJ they checked it they got talking about sure Marco which is Thomas and muscular COLT CE he got a objected. As he jumped it was Linear and rumble after she'd broken. He broke pitched eight string tight ends jaw but for training camp Elena panic and a whole year. So you know yeah but I think Ramos is Smart enough player. Where he would adjust. Ronnie Lott you know how would Ronnie Lott played out yet tossing them that slid out Robert's Steve Atwater flight today Kenny Easley. You know a lot of big time hitters Brian Dawkins. Already play John Lynch John that's when she laid out legislate doctor Drew Brees to shoulder in the end zone charity big leaguers I was a clean it felt. So third third third third you know their coaching and I think the niners are. Embracing. Modern tackling as much as possible at the rugby tackles in about four out of it. Jack Clark have been around there Jack or like cal Rutgers blowout rodeo former ally the ripper he should be making money now pop they're all these rugby coaches around the country help regalia from Austria I do you tackle how do you guys rugby scared doing. Jared hey we go back out here from Australia. Usually pop I Baghdad and getting care. An accurate is such as latency and I know everybody wants to talk about the hot button topic and I just think when the games start in and we're gonna have a game coming up a couple of weeks on Thursday. The first one that between Atlanta and Philadelphia I think that it's NAFTA defeat. Is obvious is reaching the pre season I think there's going to be some coyly it and and now they just need language and they need it. I think the one thing and Matt Miller much talk about this yesterday. You must've known something because. I think the one thing they're gonna change is that the various parts of the Shelvin or Matt was talking about the crown. Other helmet they don't want hits on the crown of the helmet but it should get down closer on the forehead in the face mask area. They're gonna allow some of those shifts they don't want to dropping your head and leading with the crown of the helmet. But Matt was talking about shocking guy in here to do with your face basically what he was saying is that is that allowed. So it sounds like there may be some language written that it just changes state the bullseye point and a helmet. And just kind of lessens the area of the crown. Inactive down closer to the face mask but I think they're gonna just senate it's going to be fine and were overreacting a little bit but that's what the league watts yeah they want the other severe punishment to these players now don't don't do that. You know what it's time to actually play games for real. That they may even a war and he ME if there's I've done the wool hits. In other Linear ciampa below like I LP at that they would a flag last year he had a gonna flat out wanted to make that guy out of the game for that. But I think it's going to be a little more strict in the last year but not as strict if we see it on. I real quick pop before we get the Romanowski at 130 we'll talk more about this no more room. But the catch rule. What's it tweaks to catch ruling what is good about that. Just weeks of the Castro was really has updated hybrid edition appreciating game are actually become applicable not not yet. I get it on not because I've I forgot what Katz was you know after the Dez Bryant play out it's really no way to the ground writes regularly always been that way here I am surprised and not take the ball into the ground. Louis Murphy. Mega trot. Jesse James in the playoff game where their late season game that that decade flipped the whole home field advantage you have there's no doubt but you know what Pittsburgh lost anyway Jackson had to go to Russia matter. They got smoked legacy jaguars and second when adding it's smoke and Europe's when he went up and we'll talk more about the helmet rolled into what might. A Pereira had to say Mike Zimmer is local to the vikings much more of that coming up its pop and box him in 57 again. Now back to the red accomplish how funny not vice seventeen team best and cost some jobs. The playoffs jobs hole I guess I think it's very hard to. Tackle. You know obviously it out here which I wish you would like to tackle. That I try to tackle runners die anyways you know. My highest probably gonna go down you know come and get to decide it is probably gonna make contact was something. That is vikings head coach Mike Zimmer on the helmet rule saying that it's going to cost some players and jobs here. So let's tackle this some more popular and into parts of course or problem. By. I like you said pop. She John Elway picked him up profession you different about just comfortable quick. Scoop them up pretty quick I don't know what that's journalist. Bill Romanowski is gonna join us here 130 early afternoon delight. But no way as units Republican ticket's gonna slowdown once we get to regular season and they'll call them but I do wanna see a replay. I would not my replay for to helmet rule I seriously I don't care to slow down again at three minutes four minutes five minutes I just want to call all right I knew it's now. Data that's not now. It's a judgment call I don't want I don't want to replay involved in it you know. River wrong suggested that Al river on because he's involved in reply. So. Now I I this is a judgment call. And it the the other part of it is and Mike Pereira loses you know he was a game official. And then he was in charge of the officials for years that the NFL good friend of mine and I haven't talked in throughout this you know it's August and before. By the that is the positioning. Four and then there's you know are seven officials on the field are scattered throughout. But hey it's hard to see a lot of these and I think a lot of times they get out of position even with fourteen sets of eyeballs. On the field so. I you know what it would it would but Mike Zimmer talking about is she's a defense that coach. And so he's. Eight how to write instruct my players. Q now active flag. And that's you know that's the big thing they oh they all want. So it's more of a coaching point so you could cut up player. For this Mike Zimmer but really call you but it struck them. Is the point so they're they're trying to figure out how to coax their players. Because there are things that they've been taught that they think are fine that are getting flagged. Now I think like you to see. If it continues. In the regular season to some degree Elijah lead a linebacker the 49ers got flack for a play. And then they were. They came back and said it wasn't a violation. So those are hard. To change. What they used to do was state find guys. There'd be violence hits during the game. And there wouldn't be a flag at all. And then on Friday we could that be funny get you know they get the letter in the mail. And I've you know it varies every year the amount but it's it's it's just about the same for every hit I don't know what it's up to now 2628000. Dollars. They take out of the players pocketbooks and that. You know so there wasn't it wasn't called on its I think that's kind of what were access to surmise what I think is gonna happen now. How many times that you see guys. With a big hit in the game no flag. And then they could find on Friday count the stars so that that needs to stop if park avenue is saying. We're gonna find you for a hit but the game officials are not flagging U for the hit. Then that is inconsistency. With Al river around and everybody is charged the game officials and game officials so that's got to stop. So what flag you when you do whatever you may find you as well on Friday. If it's that violent and hit urged that the weather here. And use a crowd your helmet and all that. So that's got to stop that that to me was always where there was a complete disconnect between the league and its game officials but it's hard to seat. It's hard is he seven digits they're not in the proper position. So. You know Mike's ever look at for clarity on how he wants his guys to play and they he has a he has arguably the best defense in football I could say Jacksonville is the best you could save Minnesota's the vegetables we probably yeah they may play in the Super Bowl. Those two teams they got hotter and Joseph and Richard sit and Griffin and bar and candor X. And it hit the credit Harrison Smith a hit man of the deep secondary. They have got some pop version on that team. So but they can't be taken flag so I steal Mike's Emerson and how to like coached my players what what what's that that the coaching points and Bill Romanowski is gonna join us in a little bit and you know it is what kind of adjustments to the players have to make. And how was it taught in in preparation to play that game. Yeah among our wonder how many missed tackles are gonna see here. It this season and the NFL by the way deal TH I think that's the bigger issue here is not winning these guys tackle was much and practiced on getting your market military defense. Tackle your starters your but I think that's been the biggest problem. Not only in the NFL but to look at college full. Volume of high school. I mean these guys are missing tackles left or right because they don't. They're not. Taught it enough they're not in practice are able to travel much adorn. You gotta hope the path to keep things I thought they don't take guys to the ground and -- are on the on in I don't agree with that group grownups wherever the ball a Little League in her eyes and like okay you don't wanna you know you'd you'd be you'd get these guys hurt in appreciation like that and you get your tired I get it I get it so that's I think that's the bigger issue here not to stay home rule but these guys they don't tackle anyway you Maurice two week five they're. Don't the first look at the season is always chose you because it is not a. When they have to tackle it's that same with any. Just any sport what do we talk about with the warriors. Wanted to play like Michael Jordan play all 82 games 3838 minutes every single night. Because that these guys make so much money now and Michael made more than any of them Michael maybe 3033. I hit a college. Way back when in the ninety's but is she a state you can not afford. To get guys hurt before stock reply so Heidi prepare to play. A violent game like this where tackling as the debate blocking and tackling and the essence of the game. Well he's just tired and Romo could speak of that but I think. I think he just can't do it very few teams tackle to the ground there. I don't think I've ever seen that and I even saw the pre season game last night they don't wanna knocking Andrew Luck to the ground are aftershocks got a when he chased him down. That's second linemen did a lot of putting Andrew on his back. That would have been a free shot in the old days you would've picked him up in Turkey can most of them they'd installed they don't do that which is probably for the betterment of it. But there is going to be some degree we're guy should get a missed tackles and you make a good point. About. You don't and I got to get flagged can find for this head so hot a Y eight how to like dude it's and I have every years ago. Where they first started coming down on this Taiwan branch was a raider played a pre season game. And I I actually saw him pull up and not hit again. Anti violence that they hit. And never talk with a before the next game and I should did you did you pull off puck that hit and he says yeah. I you know I don't wanna get a charge so I said you know that Allah help pay the fine right you've got to do your job. So if you miss that tackle. You can get caught via you do that a big moment of the game. Like that keep going back to the Colbert tackled this kind of play that's where this defense is built you cannot miss a tackle like that that's how a small gains which triggered again. In his cover three. But if you miss a tackle the whole image attack a lot of the slant like that and they get to the third level want to be awesome play and Daniel may go to the house now now you're gonna lose your job. So as a player. What do like your right how to lie get this guy did a ground. And how violently like a rocket hit about I think it's more. Safeties are really it's you know Heidi is stay safe played since the NFL that that's probably the area we recovered from depth. To go light a guy up and Heidi Heidi you're doing your job dislodge the football make sure they don't catch the ball. But don't take a penalty and also you know loosened salary on Friday. And then the other side of the pop is how to running backs now. Finish off plays here how did they finish off long runs or any run here wishing any running back flag did not yet. Not yet have not I do what about it after throwing a but it I don't think is gonna make Marshawn Lynch adjusts his running style I don't think it's gonna make. Tiger leads us his running style but I am intrigued to see the first. Call on offense how do you do you know we because as units into real Casey first game of the season where she will Marshawn Lynch and assault that run if finish up the game their march rocking beat Casey. Maybe that's a flak here I wanna know what the rest say about that what's the right down not offensive in defense of violations and obviously it relates to the helmet rule. In his Atlanta. Educational don't let the players and flat I can't I can't think of in the offensive guy who's been flagged it in the pre season. I haven't seen him. What else special teams he struggled almost Augusta I'll spell did you our Neville especially on hand signals are hard to know that you know all of all players now but that a lot of the players yet so that's what I'm intrigued with how to running backs are wide receivers they catch a pass and ducking their head Charlie embrace for contact your do they get flak for out of that's what I'm Richard with that's where these future G. Q I think we're what we're worried more about the damn helmet and back for a well I know it's you heard Jimmy you're up while they work to do. They've got to figure out this stretch run it is nowhere right now the offensive line is not in it takes a while to build to it. They're never talk about the running back room and an enemy go to the offensive line is just. Not getting it done at all they got a lot of work to do and not to overreact that is the last time that you play. You know kind of for real when it's not for real and that it's time to Bogut mics George vikings should it. You what a deal that defensive front if you can't block against the Houston Texans second steamers filled with utter offensive live from left tackle their right tackle all the game and they couldn't black. They couldn't block you know Romeo for now second team could market it's Mike sabers first. I think he had a lot no clowning you know when I'm still filled on the run again they should be able to run I would pick to be able to run the ball against Indianapolis. Offensively I mean deep at least Newsweek 49ers pastures has been nonexistent. They can't get pressure on Angela PC and you look as he was under its east. Patrick ad after their first initial dried poppy was. Quit Nelson's gonna be a fine fine left garbled colts need more help on an offer to line the 49ers can generate a pastor of a difficult spot below are for them. Shall we Thomas could apply. I myself ocean protocol are holding so it's getting our hopes on military after they had ever gonna play. You know how big a role of the Minnesota plant guy you know how awful about him at the from talk immigrant coney police originally Taylor. Has still stolen that spot I don't know that I have and yeah I would hold sober Julian Taylor's gonna play a bit. Eric archenemy is a location guy you're getting a little getting a little carried away with these young guys to be rotation guys you know your starters are going to be there we'll see what are Carlson does that hamstring injury Bill Romanowski you're gonna join us in moments here many parts of the game. The talk about this common rule here that is go point Bob we'll look at the breakdown of defense of two movies here with the new film role and offered to players who but let's bring in Roma the four time Super Bowl champion not to be afternoon delight here on any price haven't they won't call. How they go a long time no talk what is your thoughts on this new helmet rule. Well. I know there's if I was playing. I would get kicked out of yeah. And for a couple of Obama apparently is the. It out of date got it hurt me at all because I do with my. I learned in my act. From an early age. That just state whipped me and getting buying a lot. You know what I clients now do you think of what it's like well. I think these guys. Are doing and try. To do a better job. It shall there and I'm seeing are being out on the deal. But I think Peter's comments and we're absolutely. Impossible. To do. He avid Abbie you're Smart enough guy. That they know Romo that played during your time and under those rules you know you would be out of plated David you're you would adjusting your Smart enough player. That she would make the adjustments so. Just from the way you were taught to tackle. To talk about leading with your head and what you're talking about his magnanimous Johnny's talking about shocking with his face. And I think what they're too they're probably good at it delineate bill is just the areas of the helmet and they wanna keep it away from the crown a the cover which is the very top of the helmet and the defense to play in a dastardly drop its head at. With the crown but you know half far down in the forehead area of that helmet into the face mask area do you think there's. There's going to be a point where the crown as the bad point but other areas of the helmet are gonna be okay to tackle. You know. It's undersea treasure right what is taught is why I always taught it is. It's hot. To strike with that age. Are pure hell and it wrap your arms but now let's talk about. You're on the field. In every would go at all. Reverend impacts that are trying to protect themselves. So I'll argue tell me. Are gonna act. Literally. And they opt pot. Is. Getting harder IT I got. It seemed like. What I am. Kyrie. And it's like it ought Specter brought him back. Can not read it now supposed. To lower. On. You know what's so much outlaw. All. It's real trick Kate. CNET unseat somebody that's where. I got in case got games. In the precinct. And why it is critical bought somewhat like I don't agree with that. But. If you look at the role in that is the role. Four time Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski here many parts of the game will pop and Vontae. Romo just talk about the practically no pop and you're not allowed to hit guys onto the ground is a lot of thought going on you know we're keeping guys. Up right on how much is that affected the game here net not at its home rule. On top of guys not even be able to practice tackling here to see a lot of missed tackles and twenty AT Romo. The air right and now I grew up in. But I'd take a lot we used to practice. Writing to grow. They're running back. It's just what are all but we were mated Dudack George Seifert Witten may catch run. Apple I quit or may get it apple. We worked pretty good tackling team because tackling. Is dumb I. But there and you know there's that goes wrong. I think there's. Like I don't see it more and more shapes fees. Being able to deliver blows with Herschel there. But I think it's really can opt back. Big game because I think there's going to be a lot of missed tackles. When you have. I shot like they're acting in you got a candidate turn. Your shoulder into. Mercy really deliver couple I'll weird. Part of your help. Now it's. You know I think you're right we're seeing a lot. It's apples because they're not allowed bet I remembered it still is when you were taught to put our hack. On the ball. Down the back which come into that line of scrimmage where where are. You stick to your helmet on the football where unit on what weighted in that. You gotta lower crab. Well they can't teach eight or so I guess it's more out put your shoulder. On the ball. It also strip that I know one thing out of a few went up in capital this year round of the Honda alumni weekend. But I know Jon Gruden Paul Gunter and we're having an elaborate. Strip drills where it's more. You know punched a ball out stripped the ball op but I had thought about it the way you say you could not put your helmet. They used to always say put ahead on the ball pop it out if you do that now and lower your head and wondering if it if you don't make contact and just dropped ahead to attempt something like that authority flag so. The the active trying to force a turnover from a coaching perspective is going to be entirely different now. Yeah I think what we're also gonna seed Greg is obviously a lot more arm tackles. Where you try to corrupt big guy. Hold it up a little bit you'll get shouldering an artist. And that's where you'd need that number two in this story I did try to rip the ball out. Yeah we're about an account. Yeah Bill Romanowski joining us here in the afternoon delight not only are you're where you know there were the fiercest hitters and industry is. But they said he won four Super Bowls two with the niners and into Denver you also had a a tremendous post football career. And here's the foremost expert on it keep you combine the playing at the level that you played at. In what you're doing after with your narrow and if you studied brain trauma in CT and you've told us and Dominique and 'cause she did you have in your life probably a thousand. So the whole reason that there are changing the game bill is to keep the next generation of bill Romer now skis healthy. And to have a better quality of life later in life so it's still speech today to what the league is actually trying to do to take the head out of the game. And take that the trauma out and try to lessen CTE. But have that delicate balance to play. Tack tackle football with the physicality that's required. Outlaw care bill I'm not used to go. Bet opera I've been patient got to try to take off. And I are you telling me. That you got to come out it just hit 8320. Pound offensive line men and just take a mob additional are. And I user. Now deliver a lull we've been in the line of scrimmage. So I'll. See what they're doing it. You know it is expected back in upper chambers got the ball are right back open and but how are all yeah. How. In the trench it. You're not going to be able to eliminate that correct. Well. I don't think you're gonna no limit to eight seat GE. But what's going on. And I also think. Using your show are used now Jack. The treasure and it is attached. To your shoulder. Your head still gonna take some. And I don't think you're gonna eliminate GP. How many guys have we seen Lee what their shoulders and missed tackles because they're not wrapping up. Not tackling properly here Leo wrap up on somebody's big running backs. We're going to miss that tackle is gonna go for big chunk play. Just wanna get to court Paltrow quick Rome all on the Bay Area football teams would have you seen in a pre season from the niners generators. You know art one out really. Is out what's what stood out to me offensively with the raiders. It is a whole lot tighter coverage. I don't see a lot of mistakes. Am I did struggle a little bit. You know it's rebounds but made it out auto and our guys clients now. But I guess they all go out there as really had a big impact in the one thing with pocket all got there are key to all me. That you open nobody Abbott deep threat so quiet and ID and appreciate. Be able to stand up for that team it's how every guy on deep fat is still. Solid and the idea. Is I teach. Cheats these guys deep and they need it now what. Every single guy on eight at this bill. And then not overweight denied or. I'd say why I really high. I feel like they've been here is one of the biggest tips. Altera. Whip crop allow. But I will say yeah. I added hey really interest they are. Which someone very high up. We're doing it instead. Let's wait till game six to eighty. This year and let's see if Jimmy is still chicken pot. Our. Interest staying item you're actors Robert Asia. Men and certain. How high. You and other seeking to. Teams finish figure them out or health that he'll keel who get hurt like he did for them. Now he thinks. That deep red coordinators. Or have him figured out. He had a little bit of grace period last year where the deep threats of coordinators didn't haven't figured out yet. Just stood by Darren where couch and it comes. And I'd auto very actors. Like. So more. Ares I. No. Room. Yeah Romo be having a front office of the coaching staff. Differ front office of the coaching says. Almost. I ask you again. The trek up. Bartiromo what are your sources telling you about twelve Mac will only be suited up in silver and black and we wanna guess LA rams. He better get a at bat. And let this out earning his way back you know I think he's hurting at all. I think he will be back I think there's too much to. Tim may. You let your playing talk care. And let that. Do you. Your money. It would Garrard got they got their cart guys and now that next game he apt that your pastor short. They've got their quarterback. Now it's not an hour. But I do like the way that Joseph are you out wage and grew and it orbit. Especially early when he. And we weren't very many games last year Adam. Now actually all right now. But. You do need Leo. In the worry the general. And it operate like he had it read or game beginning game (%expletive) All right good stuff is always promote good to hear from you before terms bowl champion Bill Romanowski here on any part seven game take care Romo. Oh take care Roy intelligently assess. At the trade Bill Romanowski. ABC sports Bay Area is doing something very special tonight will talk about that on the other side here many parts of the game. After the great accomplish at all. On 95 to seven. I've often. Thought thank you get the word out somehow to hit the stories. I couldn't put together yeah its stories. These forty that interferes. And lived through that that moment and mr. Clark. My father's been reported in understands search for any extra surplus this Texas. It never fails to bring a smile face. Some memorable treasures the rest of my life. Letters today 87 a documentary that explores Dwight Clark's unique bond with his fans were premier commercial free tonight. At around 8 PM shortly after jars post game live on NBC sports Bay Area as we welcome everybody back to the afternoon delight in Germany by seven game popped. This one looks like it's gonna be a real tear Jerker when we lost his program tonight. Yeah I've. I've already seen it they send me an advanced copy. And I watch as this morning and its. It's amazing work met Mayo crow forty niner insider from NBC sports period act calm. I've really was instrumental in envisioning. Which white. Donna kaput Tola Steve Mariucci who come on the show many times and tell us about the Tuesday's which white. In a group of you know people connected to the 49ers. And people like mad at covered the team. Play you know for your teammates or his or go down there and then. Two I didn't mention that all the letters that he got it out of your great book. And then you know us felt really began to slip and they launder up any of our lowest in 8800 acre spread it in Montana. And towards the end there when the springtime came they relocated twilight choose to Montana so he wasn't capital. Anymore current policies could join us coming up at 2 o'clock and they'll fill in a lot of the blank so they. Rich this show tonight and it's really. If you're forty niner fans you've got to watch I think this year a football fan a sports fan or just a human being. You need to watch it you know really even have to note like Clark is if you do know Joyce Clark is and what their play which is. But med Mayo Coke called the single. Greatest player in the history of various sports. Which I think it is in January the tenth of 1982. John Taylor's catch you know to beat Cincinnati there are other bait you know great moments but. You know and I was taken. What if he doesn't catch the ball the right foot a foot goes through his fingertips and they lose that game the next years to strike here. You don't know you know how it all unfold just don't but he did did make the catch in any event what she conceded that on TV. Is a compilation. Of letters. There were written each white. Throughout the years of people just speaking out about how. Import net vomit was to them where they were a lot of funny stories you'll laugh you'll cry year all in between. As they solicited and we did it on a happier we get it under for shows and NBC sports Bay Area where to send letters and it. And they would you know read them to him while he you know he passed away. A lot of what she she is going to be a re creation. Eddie DeBartolo reach some of them Ronnie Lott reach some of them Tina Turner reach some of them. Joseph Montana. Create some of them the actual letter writer's the fans some of them read their own. And they also. You can see clips and pictures. This is where I think it's tough on made twentieth a lot of them went to Montana. To read the letters to each white himself and there are a lot of pictures there Ronnie Lott members of the media you know men Mayo goes there. And he died June the fourth iTunes and it was just what a couple of weeks a couple of weeks before it passed away. You know he was 61 years of age when he was when he died in the one thing. And karma will be able to shed light on this and she's so. Close to Eddie. That in Osama to liked large Clark's ashes. Are are spewing along the turf. Where an attitude of our lows range. They're the same goal post from the and so remade the catch so some of of two whites remains are going to be right there. On the ranch and you actually sees the visual. A very nice tombstone they re created there. And ethical poster and it's just you know. And we'll see is that she's generally Brice stadium 23 yards apart pop. The niners obviously where patches has got it I told you misled her in jail and cartilage and Billy does and a football. They'll have the the helmet stickers on the back when number 87 in the kitchen of course the bunting all around stadiums so. As you mentioned we lost Dwight Clark June 4 as he losses battled and they'll last is program tonight. Letters to eighty seven's gonna premiere our NBC sports Bay Area commercial free. I'm sorry had to be have we track corpsman are talking about a toward Clark a lot pop remembered Carmen choked up on us one time and we apologize for but this. It's it's amazing how much store Clark has testers fan base here off of that one catch and of her personality of course we worked in a 49ers for an office. But it is amazing that he may need he may be more beloved. It's a when a greatest 49 Ers popped some to create a market has raised more beloved Jerry Rice and Joseph Montana but he's up there are pop. Well yes farce beloved and when they when they issued. So August the first they had a nice early the week later they had a nice function. And they said at a press release to talk about everything you're talking about the 8070 calmest silhouette of two like jumping up and everything you do this year to honor joint Clark and accommodations going to be that game. When they check out the LA rams and October the 21 and got the two statues one jolt thrown I want to Dwight Clinton catching it. 23 yards apart. But they they are referred to him is the the greatest teammate. That's afford and I was like I read it many times and one of the greatest teammates and it was ago. That's how much it's like Clark meant to ADV you know you make you wonder what he did what Freddie Solomon passed away and how that really shook him up. And this one you know they're all special you know obviously if you play for team in game two when you'll lose that player. It it becomes emotional they lost Bill Walsh and you know some of the greatest niners YA tittle passed away last year. But twice just meant so much and you know it wasn't just the catch obviously he meant so much of their franchise is French ship which shows front shipment adding they they were also close. How he went on to work for the organization. You know foreign office role in March common spoke to a we'll speak to us at 2 o'clock to work with him in Cleveland. But just. What should get a sheet at night and it is no commercials. And it's 27 minutes long shot Madison put together an NBC sports Bay Area he's won awards for these kind of programs before. And met male corps really was that this guy who spearheaded that would have a special happy hour after surcharge post game live. Will Ron and of the giants' games oversaw an hour after that. And then 87 a lawyer that will be out with a happy hour Kelly Johnson Mahan Matt Mayo callable tell. What kind of fill in the cracks of the story does detail you know we'll talk a lot about that may twentieth meeting in white fish would. He was just not feeling well they wrote on some of the letters. Nor Ronnie Lott was there right reading of the it's one thing to recreate getting a CAD look at to a camera. And recreate the letters that they too have been there to actually when they were reading the letters to each white poster that. Really powerful volley if our if if people are out of this market here and you don't have access to NBC sports bury your how can losses programmer can watch our our theory that I come don't have that will be up after I I got an advanced copy just to be able to watch it before. But I'll watch it you know us or get ready for the happy are going up. It's it's it's. He he reception. Easy going guy I mean I have very few athletes who just comfortable being who they are and I guess some of my best moments were interviewing him he's just so funny. Just wanted to talk about any name and tell old stories and this this one particular play I have to agree that may Oka and thought about it having a look at in the context of football or relates to. It's just a single greatest player in the history of Bay Area sports I think you have to say that more than any warrior mall manner. Giant moments even I Ishikawa is home run you know that was championship series in. You know what is he didn't catch the ball you know what if you're voted for bush just to Heidi couldn't get there. And they lose that game and they lose to the cowboys again the next year was the strike year right now who will always want what you know where the Ford and that was the first big moment to one. Unleash this dynasty that change pro football for a decade and a half and comedy with five Super Bowls. But what if he didn't make the connection that she now sees you look back he did and it changed the course of the franchise's. History obviously. He's NFL history profited editor greatest dynasties. In America sports history of forty members of the farcical polls. Open to a 1995 you're listening to 957 game. KG and GF diminished one KG UC San Francisco radio. Dot com station before we bring in Carmen policy must play this audio for karma here desist from letters to 87 a 82 Barlow watching the catch. Came down.
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