Big Baller Brand to B Block?

Lavar Ball’s middle son in big trouble in little China

Dan Dibley
November 08, 2017 - 11:50 am

As a part of the Globalization of American Sports (GAS), UCLA and Georgia Tech sent their men’s basketball teams over to China to open the season with the dual purpose of exposing the world to our great game, and providing the student-athletes an incredibly rich learning opportunity.

Apparently, three freshman Bruins’ hoppers didn’t get the memo about representing the USA with class, pride, and lawfulness, opting to attempt to (allegedly) shoplift sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in Hangzhou, China.

The players, including LiAngelo Ball — middle child of enigmatic self-promotion machine LaVar Ball — were taken by police and questioned for hours in Hangzhou. While head coach Steve Alford was with them, the rest of the team has already traveled to Shanghai for the Saturday game against the Yellow Jackets.

The trio of Bruins were released in advance of the game but also benched for the contest.

If convicted of this seemingly minor crime, the three players would face between three and 10 years behind bars in a Chinese prison. The looming punishment is so severe that even patriarchal blowhard LaVar canceled his scheduled press conference, out of fear of making this precarious situation even worse.

The sneaker entreprenuer did, however, offer a brief comment.

It’s just another case of the “Ugly American” syndrome overseas, with a spoiled American thinking he can do what he pleases without any repercussions. Granted, stealing (allegedly) sunglasses shouldn’t be a capital crime but in this era of uneasy world politics (see Trump foreign policy), all Americans need to watch their P’s and Q’s when traveling abroad.

While I don’t think the young Ball will do hard time as a result of this alleged act, there will need to be some fence mending on the diplomatic front.

Perhaps the Warriors can offer China Klay as an emissary in order to put this potentially toxic world conflict to bed before it spins further out of control.​

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