‘I don’t believe a woman should be in men’s pro sports’ — Huff buries himself, gets hung up on

2x World Series champ has been banned from upcoming Giants reunion

Karl Buscheck
February 18, 2020 - 9:21 am

In the wake of the Giants banning Aubrey Huff from this summer’s 2010 World Series reunion, the two-time champ came on Joe, Lo & Dibs to state his claim, to tell his side.

Instead, he absolutely buried himself.

Most notably, Huff doubled down on his assertion that Alyssa Nakken, the Giants assistant who is the first full-time female coach in baseball history, doesn't deserve her job.

“I don’t believe a woman should be in men’s pro sports,” Huff declared.

“Absolutely not.”

Somehow, it got worse.

“There’s so many more people, especially men who grind it out who deserve that spot more than she does. But I also don’t believe that men belong in women’s college sports or sports in general, either.”

“Why would they want to be? I wouldn’t want to coach women in sports.” Huff said, laughing. “Women are tough enough to deal with anyway.”

When I listened back to the interview, which I was recoding with my iPhone, I can actually hear myself cringe. Multiple times.

Staggering stuff.

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Here’s the initial Nakken tweet.

Huff, who said it was Giants CEO Larry Baer who broke the news of his banishment, also failed in spectacular fashion when asked if he’d like to walk back his infamous tweet about kidnapping Iranian women. As background, he noted that he was attempting to make a joke and had’t had his morning coffee when he fired the tweet…

"Obviously, that was a wrong choice of words."

Here's the initial tweet

“Let’s get over and kidnap about 10 each. We can bring them back here as they fan us and feed us grapes, amongst other things….”

Huff added a devil emoji as a final embellishment.

And here's the full exchange, with Joe Fortenbaugh. It's wild, absolutely wild, that a dude would go on the radio in 2020 and say this sort of thing. Wild.

The Giants have so far not accepted a request to have Baer on the station. Huff meanwhile went in on Baer in his official statement via Twitter:

“I find this whole thing very hypocritical coming from a man who has had his share of real controversy for pushing his wife for which he had to a break from the Giants and issue a formal apology.”

“All I did was tweet.”

Joe actually hung up with Huff after that answer about women. Huff dropped a "pal" and Joe even hit him with a "turd."

Huff, however, "had a blast."


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