Anonymous Rams defender said Derek Carr was ‘scared to take shots’

Trio of picks spoiled Raiders and Gruden’s Monday Night debut

Karl Buscheck
September 11, 2018 - 1:18 pm

One of the most glaring takeaways from the Raiders disappointing opener, which featured three Derek Carr interceptions, was that the quarterback looked skittish if not outright scared in the 33-13 loss to the Rams.

NFL Media’s Michael Silver joined Matt Steinmetz and Daryle “The Guru” Johnson on Tuesday morning and addressed that topic, amid the conversation. Per Silver, one Ram also had the same assessment as the NFL Twitter.

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Guru: I’m just concerned that the ball’s turned into a hot potato a little bit. Is that wrong of me to think Derek Carr might be a little jumpy back there or do I dare say scared?

Silver: Well, I will say that I talked to one Rams defender who basically told me that. He said, "I think he’s scared to take shots — at least against us." And that’s a pretty strong charge."

Jump to the 4:27 mark to hear the exchange between Guru and Silver:

Steiny & Guru – Hour 2 – NFL

Steinmetz and Guru
Tuesday, September 11th
Hour 2.  Steiny and Guru talk about and recap the first week of the NFL with Mike Silver. Also the guys discuss who Week 2 bigger for, the 49ers or the Raiders?

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Yeah you know I I think Garrett. I've been very sad. And Jon Gruden version 2.0. I understand. There are a lot of just perspective and why he's doing about it through. It was a real problem art in terms of demons execution. And yes I think with a very good thing but obviously. You know we believe that stadium. Who would a worst of our votes that it poor social moderate. Mike silver from the NFL network joining us she was also at the vikings. 49ers games were to be talking about talking about that too I just look at the raiders might end and they give gruden ten year contract. And I just a coach commented that situation I just feel like automatically. He's gonna take his time in and and created team in his image and and people wouldn't wanna hear about rebuilding but doesn't Jon Gruden have the right to get his players in there. Well he didn't turn your contract and then required by our. They're like so. I I've kind of been doubtful that people struggle it look like it's it's not hard yet to be emperor news. Gonna do what is the best. I get frustrated by tutored on her people are people who can protect attention but it. You know what Jon Gruden and the first time in Oakland lawyer is one of the remote stretch. Actually fit in covering well it transformed the culture. In the you know very you. Well that a court it was a culture there. You know I would I think it was fair to say it was the functional wearable Lotto or go to several against our. You know I've met my cell just everything you really don't want editor at him. Years building an organization that and he managed to get rid of all of that pretty quickly. And not just by cleaning out just by getting people put their heads down and buy it and yeah and play a different way and so. I believe that he can do big big thing. The only clearly. Is Lou let happen to her what we let after with a roster coming into. You know the common perception would have dictated he clearly saw last year he met last year a record or. Representative of what the raiders are then went extinct we'll show. That's the first point obviously the Mac traders that is going to be. Something that people point to and look and I I completely get a lot to echo like retreated back I will acknowledge the timing. It's something that could provoke. You know some. But in fact the locker room at a time. Where in you Rhode reporters. You know. For her for opening minutes and out yet yet people eight. That's about it but the browns last year had a little problem we treat acute than. And decided to squeezed children to whom. Probably would overpaid objectively you have all standard clearly there but order. Says you know what take a break federal carton and dirt in widely. Pop pop pop they Cottam peacetime with the Steelers who went according to brown in the broke the earth and in a very close game prevailed. The browns were you know deflated and Sino locker room by that and they're not what they Leno took a look on your resume god is sure to help. My tell me out man I did I get a bit emotional solid top deer corn I kinky I can't forget the 2016. Dare corps. Ward number four would stay in the pocket look down field. And now last year as a whole under Downey knew what just call our. I called car John Wayne because he played with the trend fractures in his back coming off the broken leg and in the first half yesterday Mike. I I thought I saw that dare Clark but they don't tell my partner here. Where's a Mark Cooper one catch for nine yards and I say to myself okay. Our relationship between the receiver and quarterback a lot of it is based on trust. If Derek Karr would have some of those interceptions going deep into Roland in the coverage. I think I would feel better raider nation would know when he was trying to get into his go to guy but a very. I have I've I'm just concerned that it's the balls turned into a hot potato what tad bit. Is that wrong to me that they Derek Karr might be a little jumpy back there or do I dare say scared. Willow will also that I thought you were around defender who mr. Whipple that he I think he's. Standard to. Take shots at least I got. And our it and you have a pretty strong charge out. I mean look first of all I began letter was Smart go there and they hear they actually and the matchup advantage of a dirt car. Exploited it and read it and kept the revved up and up. People will blew it a little. You know who look like they let you know life that are watching them down two scores late. And no we're gonna Margaret Cooper in target what flight then they relate at. On downfield other than you know trying to play dirt or it's a good attitude. I reckon you know now I could throw a rock picked up outfield if opera I mean you know it could trigger a couple of these where they're like it you. Grew up not. There and let that project begun head and there. Group active reporter in Britain to live with Seattle where we were down neatly and incredibly open about it do so. I don't you know it's hard to read it please somebody error. You know I don't know exactly what the game like call or at all but also that. Bridge stretched for Derrick Clark because you know Jon Gruden. Is the record coach with so much job security that you might be your all true. You know make it change how are paying their quarterback. Back kind of money he had and I don't picket orbit do lightly everything Jon Gruden all these these last month to adjust that Barrett together and you. It that you better car but. You know what you gotta respect out there if you extrapolate that so called terrible for people expect to start what. Mike silver of the NFL network joining mats assignments and Darryl drew Johnson on 957 the game. Mike you were in Minnesota for the vikings 2416. Win over the forty niners it seems like even though the niners lost. There were there were some positives to take out of that game. I'm gee I guess my first question is do you think Minnesota is the real deal and and you know how much you have to look at Minnesota as the opponent for the wave of forty niners played at least offensively. Yeah I mean that's I think we're missing this struggle to get up earlier leaders. We don't know what Minnesota's going to be up there are likely to go to what we haven't seen them yet you know being in the game against that when you don't play that great is the very good side but yet at all. Changes so quickly and abruptly years and years so. My senses at the plate and they're very very good you know that there is tremendous potential recruit and don't cook a back seat to run the ball and Kirk cousins play it very clean game. In an upgrade over it you know and so. To do they look. You know very very good then it was a very. At the time after the it would like Bremer who is very blunt and very honest that I have figured that at least. Unguarded moment I could get him access felons paid actors like that. Coped with you know culture and I'll credit that there's no shut down do you have to watch a lot but my but he basically that the meat. I think they're really good. I saw the game plan brick tile that was one excellent with the direction and then but I. It was a struggle broke through just through you know we re the target that did well in and it's important but I. I think Jimmy really good at it felt really good tactic that you handle it so cruel world. That's what he can avoid feelings out you know pure organizer I spoke frustrated or about one yard line Thursday. Six. The receiver took an abortion or whether. Whether it all of this fall weather resistant are particular political I don't open. You know in that respect yeah at bat and and you thought but it. For people who watch the whole ordinary and I thought the Orioles unworkable and fumbled the real transport orders. George Little wide open and running free or writers like it would all over shoulder British statute. Score. Doesn't there on the next play the extra crap that we go from potential and I intend to settle into it to their credit they aren't at that. We've got a chance. Yeah might get the defense which I thought was gonna be the niners are weak link led by the fourth putt there with two and a half sacks. I was shocked at how stout they work they got Detroit this week. Would it be nice even though it's only one week to think that this niner defense can be better than a lot of people thought. I mean. First of all pay the port Butler Powell but the don't have to go through a potential cordial back then later that I didn't expect expect that would veteran guard Eric are that I picked. Hoping you were heard the news. Some of what do you know he could do what is that that's kind of get to a new route imposter without Brady you know I think. Where you want and I'm not sure. How Britney triple B but it I feel like you know it was promising. And they can be competitive and that's important because I do expect. That'll run going to be girls on the Carol at Google are more at the effect an editorial but it. I'll always buy into it moved the ball on the ground that and get production there and I think you know it's going to be a problem could radically where. Most coaches do they include who are my number and I think. You know trigger uploaded very very gonna get the ball about it. Don't vote out attitude about it but as a career record electric. You know that stated of course but it. I've spoke or. In my Korea next week before route to go. Our next week I believe it or not I am or that that that getting stuck there. You sit in a row oppressed and also. Dignity or help coordinate Jewish sport quote oh. Think near and dear to my art yeah thanks. Is that good guerrillas oh yeah I will I will be out after about that day at their frequent the other artwork are due. Two to end I'm sure it will be that wait to but it didn't wait to. Payment thanks a lot appreciate it and congratulations for the nice honor their. They don't they put up with half a pack Mike's over the NFL network through some Lisa that I definitely wanna piggyback on. When we come back side bets in due 957 million. By Iran and yeah but yeah now that stunning gets into real bond 957 thinking yeah. It's diamonds and guru with. On Tuesday morning in the bay. Good. Tough football week for the but the boys in the bay the raiders and the 49ers. And so. No room you brought it up yesterday. I minute and. You know I hate the phrase must win I hate it more than and a lot of other terms of put it that way you coming around on it now. But for the sake. Of discussion. I will pose a question to you see ya the 49ers at home against the lions. Yet the raiders on the road against the Broncos next week. Who's in more of a have to win situation. I must say the I must say the. Can both be my answer they both can be urea are our boat I think you always move you as a death nail. Or death blow to your playoff hopes and since 200783. Teams has started. I went to eighty Eagles hit. In only 10% of them have turned it around to make the playoffs any yet. This is 1098. Or nine teams that ten point 8% two point eight I mean zero I nine relative order. So so there's a chance. Never would you wanna go to a match I don't want to go to you because you dude doesn't mean it's over. And you know here's my other thing that does since what year. Out to 2007. As I do recent here's my here's my thing about that just. All right since 200783. Teams have started oh into this a lot only nine have made the playoffs. I guarantee you that year was picked for a reason and the reason they picked 2007. Was because that's the date they went back to. Which had the least amount of teams make in the playoffs and go into now that you if you attracted 2006. He'd be like 18%. How many humans would lick it that's debt. To say knock. Backing up mold I'm not saying it suggests that I'm not saying it's a good step in the ladder got the homecoming game this Sunday against Detroit. You saw how awful they looked liquidate all at thing out of our own in my locker. And. Well what do you what do you noted you tip liquidate. You talk about war the niners over Detroit in all. These days yeah. Matthew Stafford looked like I just don't want that was in Atlanta and tough that's tough and right is going to Denver. We're Darren Clarke never performed heralded for is not Denver that he wanted to hold. Again picked Denver Denver not the Denver they've always society wow I did some what you are seeing demand. Video games can't go all went to. And I think honest I think the raiders got the toughest division the tougher division so I think going to. Then Jon Gruden aura. And and perfume or Cologne what turned to stitch. It is the same old raiders and it will be talking about he's lost his fastball along would dare car let me tell you what was the worst thing that could happen to the niners last night. The lions to get blown out like they did you blew real light we don't have money what I can I have. I'm series to this is where where we were talking about two. I guess the niners and if they would want it now is bring in their step I do look at the opposite way I look at it that okay. So the lie and they got a first year coach. They're at home feeling bad for field. They play. The jets and they get absolutely run out of the building. You think they're gonna come to separatist or get run out of the building when there are no children when their star quarterback's Bratton is terrible incident terrible hit a naive employee maybe now. And Patricia he'd look like a slop let let. Come on those two that put the rat on the table that rats there on the table he looked like a slob and blue okay when your coordinator. Do you miss my question is sleep and it is called fluke. This he wears hat backwards or is one of those like cocktail like gaps I don't know what they're calling Gatsby hats with the short filled. I think what I'm widget I will give Patricia this seat heat. He really likes he really likes his look. You know what I mean it when you win it's okay he likes his look I don't give them not to run a matter of there to take though weeks it was about the like why. You can't throw. There are about to run him out of there OP all the Catholic did you detour captivity metal place. That surely Patricia I mean do do better outcome would assume I'd go what's all forty not a coach's dad know what to do also you want. This to show me KR. He looked like he had had a murder you know what I play some guy that would that bad show it last night man what Mike Nolan did. With that suit yet he was a trance. Now well he's done it you pay homage to know what that is so let's face console. Mike Nolan Wear that suit was fake compounds shy looked at and I know. I know I don't see any textbook that was true deuce I I I know how the Ottawa. Breaking away from your father other similar forged my own trail and Mario. I thought the response audit dot I don't melancholy about my height and then you come down this dude wrote telling them their right to life. And they're earnest and profound. What if I told him that I really think one of the reasons Nolan were the suit was because he knew we looked him gruden. My you know you're loaded and we yeah moderate Hutu army and Mike Miller kind of pour millions of Mike Shanahan in terms of sun tanning. Yeah go to that I'm the Borough hall yet all all (%expletive) and he had the need 5050. This and that nobody would he was when he did it right he was ten. Then on site and sometimes you prize left the sense you know when the red. Yeah than that just were never this move just blows me away. When you look at Mike Shanahan you don't think rap right Mike or Kyle titles do we got. I don't think little white have a series that album's called the Carter. He left saying it named his son after the how old Carter. Bob there are areas that they now hold that is what that is that's fantastic first of all against Georgia to book why it got hurt you think it was over friendly are. Was your guy. The job there Bob de LA but don't want. And the patterns. I'd like them 'cause of that out that yeah armies. Always a wall with the metal teeth of evident there with a medal here and anyway didn't pay you yet. Okay what is what does that mean he wouldn't get paid that. It is explain his boss wouldn't give them all the money for his albums so they were going added but he since been pay. But also so he's Phil Liggett there was there a correlation between getting paid into the men are not now I'll look at a mob that Ifill you're gonna say something like will it. He hasn't gotten paid who can't afford to gold T out of me and I don't think he's I guess I guess. I guess they're called the grill it's called grilled it and we kind of played out now yeah. Any interaction it's like it looks like almost a retainer Wright went to retain or you put in there and you put him on the bottom of the top would know starting. I'm square. I'll put him on both the. Kelly knew Alex the what I guys that I think people don't want to go there tonight. And I just I just saw. What's a movie. Now blogspotting. Only. I gotta say I was I was in. Two friends who like kind of black and the white guy who put those things on the bottom of our. I don't like him because we don't know go and it what it's like take tomorrow I don't like you got a goalie. You gotta be you got to go away happy if you could cattlemen Mickey I get the death that's why we get that data on the Nextel when you get it out on the day what do you usually. You're sick when you get a check out on the neck you're saying my boy were all right we'll see I will overcome habitat this as I'm playing now have the you don't play. I just think it's tough enough to work in this life it's tough enough to get abrasions. You really ought to make it tougher with a tattoo on an Internet and all these ways to well that is still have income that then they have bosses like they used to study I agree our net I agree with that I knew I don't damage at the Blackhawks you write about that. We take the black call renamed it the black caller do you got to critically yup Monday. All the black credit adds daisy I mean yeah I've never had a black credit card and gotten them did boys aren't there. That's I don't often delivered to prepaid for and adds I got the lack of total Rodney in San Jose what's up Ronnie. With the guys and I. Proud just remarks Romney wins in law suit then the desperation of the street didn't mention that I would stream is more in desperate. I'm led to sort of reach out. We're just blocks glad they lost to a not division and so really they have no desperation because to be honest that's good Jean see I didn't want to lose. I don't need it still end up total toward K it is OP OV aids. They dead grapple probably the better it will back it could be attributed to break it get more and learn. What a short while I help. It's going towards. Barack Obama. Are still good even mention. Patients and maybe some irony. It. Also I run a bit. Wow that was victors he says nobody ever talks about Derek Carr as he's still got a lot of learning that. We don't well mastery ET that's also baffling. I would say this. He went down like he got hurt by Donald where they do the flat right in the anyway down heel so do you think then hit. Make him think man that could admit so I'm just I hope that that. I read the big drop lol all day and some because that has to be a nightmare to deal with stony. He he he's basically been robbed of being in John Wayne in the pocket. 'cause of the injuries and not understand. Who he thought he apparently made. Its. The bottle so poor. I don't go well. Yeah I don't. Above all quarterback Jimmy Egan got that India bounced back a little aren't playing at all. So I doubt that I have been put it this it would reflect a bit flat we know we're not where they let. They've written that but deep down you know they made a mistake except we're back game. And they got here bounced. Pretty cute and I have great didn't we get a melodic. Thanks for the and Jorge I had a cut jobs could your line was bill now not about their car will cut off. People well I don't I never out of my immediately because he's been let their karma but is line was kitten with we told you it's with. We'll give warnings on the bad calls and I'm ready okay tiger mention you know I'm on Twitter last night the car needs fixing c'mon people get. Let's let's step it up a little bit. You know like a car is rolling on an exact case. What is he wrote a song called the cardinal broke he's the greatest guy at plan will work. So the cars Bob Dylan's all line up. Well what is your car haven't. Like if the car needs to go to the shot. For the game play is you. I don't nobody knew what is it what was his lead to eat those cheesy line now he does he has so many did I equated it with. You don't give me Jay-Z version of that like that I like is lying when he goes. All I made Yankee hat more famous than Yankee headed full. Do you think about that lie that is at takes him. It takes him I got ripped up my doubt that they're great if life ever. I'll make you take you have to I mean 99% of people say that you're like your horses aren't but there's been a brood she. He'd pray. Let's go to. Leonardo. In Napa lead guard with seven. A red orange and there are. So you are are are really being that our former report. I think particularly that the play calling and Detroit the playbook are really like art form in and I really think. I roll out cart the prize. It and we Depp wearing did not run an out and it's very app like you you got that magic. And out I don't know it choose. Well Jamie over or car that was because you better out there now they need it in manual for both the O. They just Egypt has really great actors. And I mean. We got one of the better. Garland Tibet ready backbeat vote you gotta you gotta make it higher and that that the our problem that they you know did not pay and tired at all. Thanks for the call Leonard. Yeah blitz was coming out like gang but it carries the end up having our new usually one of the things a guru and I PL eleven for 41 okay and I cities had to refine its yellow and I didn't play this game but I love playing this game. And the game is this whether basketball or football. You know what you're watching the game on TV they've got graphics all over the place a take car. Three for 51 28 yards seven for nine for 7615. For 22 for one faded. Over the course of the game you just know what you just know all the numbers. But if you're acting game in person. So sometimes you're just not as aware of all the numbers and then after the game I like to. Try to figure out what guys you don't emit light curly okay I'll he's about maybe like. I I still haven't seen a box score other than other than cars 29. For forty for 3030 yeah Chinese and three picks. Pakistan and no no no TDs. So girly probably carry the ball I would say between 1520 times he had twenty okay twenty neurotic. Lynched I would've said about ten. Why. Because I noticed that he didn't carry it that much. You don't mean and no I'm asking brutal why was the it was a growing in this north and that's interesting about Marshawn Lynch because now this is getting into year two about it. It almost feels like. The raiders were caught between what kind of backe news. Like there they're afraid afraid but they don't wanna use him as a twenty carry game back. They just don't want it when you understand why because he's older because you don't wanna Wear him down because he runs so hard but then. If you only run in ten times a game. And what. Is that enough I mean then you can't really established he's led more manly man they can speak for himself so if toy your is too too many Kerry's. He would be the first to tell ya. And that guy off solitary the whole array of team in the in zone. You gotta you're not used in these small right if you're not given on Kerry's two where the defense damp it's a bit I'm Justin I'm baffled confuse. He will Dirk I'm at a loss before awaits senate why did you say Leonardo rather than Leonard. Well you know why there was actually week we get notes. I will miss it like it's like Harry GO bill and this when said. Leonard but it said underneath. Brett the cease pronounced leave no art so all I know. And arrow Daria I do not I I try to respect people's name argued to. I really do that's one thing you know I try to respect people's names and as you know guru I wrote I very rarely if ever. Make fun of somebody's appearance so you don't have real quick tip off the you don't have problem would Jarrett could be in the the go to guy nothing about cook Knuble what a. And if you can get to where you gonna do it if some Mari cool poorer. That's what I'm saying and study it's a check in order to question it calling it you know curry gets double team. And he has eighteen points. But Klay Thompson gets 38. What's the difference Jared Cook is not Klay Thompson it's now hay eating crap while creative being Crabtree you said that two out of him like great. Jordy Nelson and Amare Cooper war in bowl. That's a problem and it's on the quarterback. In this ugly and he did music and I'm letting your Mike on what was there are two what to do what do you look at what you disagree with you there. I I I completely disagree with the I agree OK one catch for nine yards for Cooper not good three catches for twenty some yards for Nelson not good. But the reason though one of the reasons our guys have been against was because cook had a career game. So if your title and has a career game. What are you want you want one guy 180s. Yet to throw for 480 yards for everybody get their yards unlike basketball star and I feel you but at the end of the day. It's a team game in the quarterback needs to what does he do he stunk up the joint walk look at his career game. And according to ask your question and I know it's it's you can't. Do it this way. But should call it through one pick last night let's say that that the let's say that the awful dying quail row. Would've actually made it out of bounds. But they they just ended up punting on that I'll session. I mean I know this is this if if fifth fifth but a filibuster target or. Took a toll interceptions. So you're saying it's what what bothered you the interception that the weight they came up out but the bulk of the hot potato vodka and then when I see a grown man throw into that you got to bear. Alderson going on in their in the hill okay. You don't know. The play so so if so with Derek car. Rolls away I'm gonna bet on the want to markets Peters let's just say eat eat some given America you don't you and not one. Well then how did car apply. Can't. But you know what I'm a Marine One. First half he look like the air corps he looked tough for the second half that was a scare quarterbacks aren't and that happened to be when Donald hit. I was at first that. We got to fifteen yarder ready should get off the field putt but Donald hit him low and question it was a good call remember the tablet. I can't wait to see this Denver game. This is like a soap opera to meanest call dare cars soap opera and the Jimmie. Grooms and on the super drew groans the one you think he got McCarron AJ. I don't know if you needed back home they needed a backup who could play our. I'm just hey how do you think his dare Carly she is I get that's the red amassed yet now. That's a good question. I don't know we will match gain in jail. What does that have to do anything he ran Mac off. When he deemed him not you know taking the defense Stewart took to the prom is what I have this he didn't let's go to Bob it's different Cisco I Bob. Gonna. Show thank you man appreciated by. Eight point 88 we. Need to know and everybody jump out and got to be a dismal outlook is. Like there are. The what are how can build all the another way one of the raider is big it's not foods one year and they are getting rid of our colonial Mac in my opinion. Right. That the rat. And I think and higher reenacting. Look good for them. Thanks for the call Bob Bob mr. I'll tell you what what he gets the mr. perspective award. For the day. Raiders were to feel what that's a thing. You have to go last year against what they can make the playoffs didn't do have symbolically and Bob every at bat then they beat the jets. 732. Says cook will never have that kind of game again. Because a rare and the point is this that yeah I was. You know again we say it all the time the basketball hockey playing in the you play in that I don't. Blazers. Totally gonna do. We gonna let a little urge in his forty Boca and shut everybody else down or. Are we China shut Lil or death okay we don't derailed said we're shut down the wide outs if they wanna go to cook all night let them. And they did. And Derek took with the defense gave them and he made a mistake or to the cost in the ball game but by and large Cooper wasn't open. And he took what they gave him and you know what. He completed 75% of his passes I'm not ready did you know what that was great I'm not ready to give up on a Marc Cooper and up by asking who the best receiver is in the Bay Area between the two teams. It's a Mark Cooper to appear arsenal. You don't mean who's better track record touchdowns. He's. How long been in the league pennant track record in helping us now it's about what you do here in the bay well then. De Mark Cooper is not the best receiver in the bay air accuse you hasn't done anything I'm like oh lead and have a quarterback the trust does why don't testament Alex and Derek car. I'm listening is that a good quarterback so I'm not. I'm not there yet but what else it's golf when that your star player a chance he's not us are at depth to your head you went to Alabama isn't so. Nick Saban. He's. Been you know what. Don't know he is he's like David Lee. Our Omar Abu out while Scott c'mon detected as a player you're not very good feature third best player for personal look at it did you decide that. Over the last year year and then after you the truth. That's human. Steve Newark jokes. I hate. Yeah every oh yeah allowed clearest. And Robby ware good morning payout. They can bolt and Billie Jean thank you help. An act they got that may be deported better try that a little bit of an errant. So Derek car lot I brought it would peak heat memorable future. Got it. He got hit pretty hard and then suddenly he was inconsistent. Down down down down down down right global T ball team needed big receiver Greg receiver bug or you know would could be hit it right outrage leader Brett. I didn't feel I. But are they eat you need to take our guy and a couple of quite right. Okay dead weight on because you know your tight is it like that it reminded me when chronicle quoted tiger you know computers. Yeah thanks for the call Steve appreciate were cut you off of the profanity. I was the word we that we try not to say that word that's something that's gonna get us at 101000 dollar. And Alex he thought he missed something there people Colin Cooper Monta Ellis I'm just shocked. At. Which I liked that one Monta was the bears do you know and that was a gentleman who just called Moses than. I forget you were too worried about but anyway he. He said two things one is. There's two teams. And I I think he's absolutely right and no one should both teams both and you don't want to say both teams need a big time receiver. And both teams need a big time running back. That's simple the niners just went up to Minnesota didn't loss by eight touched eight point. Does that sound like a rebuilt. A team. The thought it would beat him by thirty or forty points again last year they started out 019 and then they got a quarterback so few think the quarterback. Should change the way the personnel is or the defense has matured Buckner you are Mike silver pay him now. Look at look at the young to the 49ers I want my team young OK well then you can expect in the made great plays down this. It's fun to have a young team to the expecting the win close games but then when the raiders were close and you said it was a fluke let the year before last it warrants. But what. They want the how. They won't have made her way what do you play don't win any so they won those games yes then they switch off of the coordinators. And then the office just wants out so why did you talk to any day. I don't know we're to that Kamal. Because you're saying and in that instance when you talk about how flu Q was that you tell you're selling me on winning close games. Is that the mob that's the sign of a great team. I'll I got yet yet to the Alley but it wasn't a close team. I think a close game is what it's 20/20 six minutes the bill then you got a shot at it. When you 12416. Yard drive the length of the field against one of the best defense is it football on their home and you Heidi and drop the ball they hit wide receiver Ross and that's that that's way different than close let's see that's when this is definitely this is the 49ers should've won identity that's strong. I'm become more of what they could make the case. They were never in control of the game for one iota more was about to go to right yeah. Everything's up to sort out this appeared again in a moment ago when it. No one could have does not control. But it dead vikings are no longer work at halftime shot like capitals is not shocked what do you think I mean planet martyrs so and we still didn't. What don't you know. No I don't like this is what I'm talking about in the locker room had that been to bed till like do we got I don't know what I say it is it ten to ten. That doesn't make the 49ers. In control. Control was when you play with the lead. That they they believe it all cousins would win the whole damn dude. Don't want. Cousins is better than everybody thinks public doesn't want. Our in general Kevin Willis always go up below one which you love him 00 my god upload he's great he's pled not even ten games and we're here. I've been at quarterback for eight years. Some of the loans or ease up until losing the bus driver a cat he's a bus driver who's got paid I get your money cars I don't again ignored these guys who you know if you're not Brady Roger you stink at school. I get it I'll come Kirk cousins and strong 25 touchdown passes. And for over 4000 yards in each of the last two years the only one other quarterback it's done that. Philip Rivers more so now. Loser and you're right he's a loser you know he's a loser Kirk cousins is a loser. He tore metal heat Carmelo okay. This teams that are long got a but Illinois welcome you better hope they don't once the suitable for now he's in a good position to do to solve all soda are. You know let's talk about what to do grip I know what you do when they're used the reverse side. Kirk cousins is serviceable quarterback so what if he wins Super Bowl this year he's Brad Johnson. He's you're crazy look at them look at cousins stats compared to Brad Johnson that are that close and you know what. I don't even know what the stats look like I but I'm guaranteeing yet because Kirk cousins is well. Is significantly. Better than Brad Johnson never wise do you view that but that's that's what royal he's right into the top ten quarterback. What league are you looking at. What what what quarterbacks are you watching a lot of tennis teams knew what I was in the crunched I go there why not a risk it. Because the Redskins stink and they're dysfunctional was part of an ancient and they franchised and it'd (%expletive) them off from the beginning and he never wanted to be there. That's why he's in the good spot now. But you know he's not a top corner eutectic I said top cut and second cousins a car right now things. So I didn't close. Well after last night's of the recent afternoon Lester after the last couple years. In sixteen no way car was it eats eat teen. I'm sorry for yell when bush after eighteen it's not 2016. And you don't want that tech aren't related to what I know they're saying stop stop disrespecting bus drivers. Broussard and raise my voice in our view that was what it's like yeah me and I mean. 2006 the raiders the twelve and fourteen car. That good that's your call that a fluke prima not would ousting him. I don't care who's a fluke or not. Has no bearing on today zero. None OK how about they got him pay. According to build action that got him pay a cup talk about on the appeal on talk emerald who cares he left a lot to be desired last night started out great they had the lead. Oh dear Carl we don't know who we. This Sunday that beat this man. Can you talk about donation when they get and when he goes company of 25 for 47 and how I throw his two more interceptions. Play Wii three. Siesta key or they need to write it may be to admire a lot about their their car a week three he has not sure. Who plays the race in Oakland the raiders and week out they get the chargers. Cousins isn't a closer sure you'll never be grateful I thought I was again I wouldn't you said he's a loser but. Operated by then he's not a closer look I don't know choke when it's in the the most in when this kind of can you hotel bathtub and say OK when you do just that you know. And you know. Because. I mean you realize life is filled with guys who never won it until they want it. John Elway didn't wait until they want it. There and then I want it and everybody says he could win but five years you know Rory wrap moreover are not great here Winnebago specially those are Hillary Hillary Clinton got. All the time those surrogate daughter Joseph Flacco on Joseph Flacco he's got to. Joseph Flacco is that Super Bowl quarterback at the last slot in the he won a Super Bowl okay first if Kirk cousins went to Super Bowl you can't that they still loser it was won only once Super Bowl pummel them up a notch. He's so there. Did he become the highest paid quarterback any NFL for like five minutes before. Rod that's. That's but the stat of the so you're not the case of the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl contender they are just paid a hundred million dollars for a loser. Oh I mean that's way too strong for me know that then obviously you feel like she Philip cousins theoretically could be the quarterback that could. The guy who could be a quarterback of a Super Bowl at him like he's been in the case kingdom who they had and got all the what almost they are we saw what happened. Yeah so. I'm just you're not telling me what I'm having dinner and you're telling you know a group. Kirk cousins is that the top two quarterbacks I said he's if you're seeing here on C at ten. He's a top ten cornerback and that might not be saying much right now on the leak quarterback play is down. When Georgia Tech just off got your head and it will do besides obvious you're Brady. I take agendas Weston before I would take his potential and his tools before I take her cousin about though is gonna break my heart at the I take T this is Alex medical you'll take a look and I and that's all well and Alex Smith pick her up there that they. Imam Boca. Bat so. American they're gonna break your heart that they have broken your heart doesn't mean they're gonna continue to. Hit stand that argument I really can't. Oh because you decided Kirk cousins you just cited Kirk cousins is a loser. Two things happened this weekend work some things became crystallized for me what is on the I'll root for the vikings to win the Super Bowl. Because I always see Kirk cousins went to stick to your face. Did you think you know usually call the guy a loser. That bothers him but at what point do we say a train is developing these very tired I don't get that what I mane around. Don't give my hundred million now at Minnesota. Could you do you are. I did. Quarterback in nineteen. And what I say choker I mean it Ian. All in your hand you're in the red zone you need to play. Remember times how many times has been enough notice even the playoffs. And stuff too aren't yet. And I know that the recent that was day and that was again I don't tee there was again a Washington those teams always had to do was win Kirk cousins beat the giants who are out of it. Let's get this season. Kirk cousins to the ball like tombstone in the new bullet Kareem Abdul Jabbar all you enjoy I'll just yet you know why last decade he wanted his receiver. To be like in a Maurice Cooper to try to high point a ball. But guess what I never see her now I don't know aren't I sure as a marketing and our breakout game against him fool you don't I don't know if I get a break now and ball. That's what's gonna happen if apple. Son get nasty and wouldn't want total Tennessee. All right simple we got a minute left who got my life because we honest I don't. Turned into. Yeah yeah this is where. Jersey can't go over the top. It's where it's up in the southern no Joker is boards they Kirk cousins is not yet a loser Kirk cousins is definitely not a loser. And you Wayne. Way over use. And Kirk cousins is not a loser that was the only thing that ought to get that. Pol Pot the pot the pot let anybody get on today. Great Poppins did that. In the room. Greg Harbaugh Erik I pop up yeah there are pop. That we talking football. If you say it's a great putt is going to be talking football at noon. That's the best TG could have really the top five it was OK you know what actually coming up at 1 o'clock we got Barry Sanders coming up at 115 Dick Butkus. Come up with 130 Earl Campbell we had Jon Gruden come on and guess what at 2 o'clock Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick coming on you know what. I'm off I wanna listen to pop up. I only got trapped. I wanna know about I don't need Bill Belichick still wouldn't niceties to run the Cincinnati I need populated tell me the truth so anyway. We're pop the things. A lot of mortal chart we're out properly by Tennant.

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