Al Michaels talks Jimmy Garoppolo, state of football and beyond w/ Damon

Legendary broadcaster will call Raiders, Cowboys on Sunday at the Coliseum

Karl Buscheck
December 14, 2017 - 5:16 pm

Renowned play-by-play man Al Michaels joined “The Damon Bruce Show” on Thursday for a wide-ranging interview, discussing his storied career, the state of the NFL and new Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

Michaels, who’ll be at the Coliseum on Sunday to broadcast the Raiders vs. Cowboys on NBC’s Sunday night Football, offered up a ringing endorsement of Jimmy G.

“I would put some money on Jimmy Garoppolo,” Michaels said on 95.7 The Game. “I think Jimmy Garoppolo’s going to be really good.”

Michaels was on the call last September when Garoppolo guided the Patriots past the Cardinals for a 23-21 season-opening win.

“We had him in a game when (Tom) Brady was suspended last year and he was really good against Arizona,” Michaels said. “They won the game. Then he got hurt, so we really haven’t seen too much of him.”

“I’ve been to enough Patriots practices and watched him and people that really know (they) know this guy’s got a real good shot. So the question now becomes, can the 49ers sign him? That’s going to be the issue.

Speaking about the NFL at large, Michaels that 2017 — from player protests to concussion issues to wide-spread injury problems —  is as tumultuous a season as he can remember.

“The perception of the league is as bad as I’ve ever seen,” Michaels said. “I mean, through these years, people have always loved to b---- and moan about certain things.”

“People sort of loved the controversy — now they don’t. They’re tired of it. They want to watch football.

Check out the full interview with Michaels in the podcast below. Jump to the 20:43 mark to hear his thoughts on Garoppolo and to the 12:24 mark for his take on the perception of the league:

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