Adam Silver on Warriors fatigue: ‘You gotta give Golden State their due’

NBA commissioner weighs in basketball’s perceived lack of parity

Karl Buscheck
June 20, 2018 - 1:16 pm

Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, was on ESPN Radio’s “Golic and Wingo” on Wednesday morning discussing an array of topics, including the common complaint that the Warriors have wrecked the league’s competitive balance.

The commish offered a nuanced reply, putting the Warriors capture of Kevin Durant in the proper historical context.

"I get it in terms of Kevin Durant going (to the Warriors in 2016),” Silver said. “It was a bit of an aberration in our system; we had a spike in our cap, it enabled them to have additional cap room. The Warriors will tell you they would have figured out a way to get it done anyway. I don't know.

According to, the NBA salary cap went from $70 million during 2015-16 to $94.1 million in 2016-17.

To put that into context, the cap went up by only $19 million from 2003-04 ($43,840,000) to 2014-15 ($63,065,000).

Silver also made it clear that the Golden State brass should be praised for thriving under those unusual circumstances.

"So, you gotta give Golden State their due,” Silver said. "I've said repeatedly, let's also celebrate excellence. Ownership, the job Bob Myers has done as a GM, Steve Kerr, of course, one of the great coaches in our league.  Steph Curry, drafted; Klay Thompson, drafted; Draymond Green drafted 35th by Golden State.

"I don't think as a league we want to go about breaking up teams just to break them up — just to force some sort of parity that is kind of unnatural."

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