ABC7 sports anchor Mike Shumann removed from Game 4 broadcast after alleged jacket theft

Longtime Bay Area media personality reportedly swiped a jacket belonging to Warriors official

Karl Buscheck
April 23, 2018 - 2:45 pm

Mike Shumann, a veteran sports anchor for ABC7, was pulled off the Warriors' Game 4 broadcast in the wake of a bizarre incident.

A video reportedly from the AT&T Center security system showed Shumann pilfering the jacket of a team official as he left the AT&T Center in San Antonio following a practice last week. Shumann was sent home from San Antonio after the incident.

The jacket in question belonged to Ralph Walker, the club's head of security and Stephen Curry's personal bodyguard. A former longtime police officer, Walker shadows Curry's every move. Regarless of the discipline leveled against Shumann, multiple members of the Warriors are reportedly nonplussed by how the situation has played out. 

"Despite Shumann's attempts to apologize to several members of the team, and ABC7 sending him home from San Antonio after the incident—he was not part of ABC7's postgame show on Sunday—several players have told observers that they felt a double-standard was possibly at play."

"What if a media member of color had been caught stealing a team employee's property? Would swifter action have been taken to terminate an alleged thief, and would the incident have gone public sooner?"

Shumann, for his part, has been silent on Twitter since Saturday afternoon, the day before the Gam 4 loss in San Antonio.

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