95.7 The Game hosts offer their Warriors-Spurs predictions

All your favorite 95.7 personalities tell you what to expect in Round 1

April 13, 2018 - 2:44 pm

As the reigning champ Golden State Warriors embark on yet another postseason run, we reached out to all the hosts at 95.7 The Game to ask them how the Round 1 matchup with the Spurs will play out.

Spoiler alert, they all think Pop is headed for an early summer vacation.

Without further ado, here’s how everyone from Damon Bruce to Greg Papa expects it to shake out...

Joe Fortenbaugh

Prediction: Warriors in FOUR

San Antonio posted the worst regular-season road record of any squad to qualify for the playoffs, so forget about the Spurs having any level success at Oracle.

If the Kawhi Leonard drama was unfolding in Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Oakland or Houston, it would be the top story in the news cycle, but because it's San Antonio, the dysfunction is flying below the radar. This is the worst iteration of the Spurs to take the court since the ​'96-'97 season.


Lorenzo Neal

Prediction: Warriors in five

The regular season is over and the Warriors are going to flip the switch against the Kawhi-less Spurs.


Dan Dibley

Prediction: Warriors in six

In light of the ruminations of the whipper-snappers on this thread, it's important for an O.G. to remind you that playing in the Alamo city is no picnic for this franchise. The Spurs were horrocious on the road this year but quite stout in their own barn.

After both teams hold serve through the first 5 games, the Dubs will is finally imposed in a Game 6 beatdown.

Matt Steinmetz

Prediction: Warriors in five

Pop has lost a little of his magic and without Kawhi, the Spurs are going to be lucky to get one game.


Daryle “The Guru” Johnson

Prediction: DUBBS IN FOUR!!!

Drawing San Antonio was truly a blessing.

Popovich is a great coach when he has talent. This roster is void of the talent needed to win a game in this series. Aldridge is all the Dubs have to worry about. Aldridge is all they have and you know where and what their trying to do.   

I am worried about the Dubs — just not this round. Pushing the ball and using their teamwide advantage athletically will be too much for SA to overcome.  

On to the second round.


Greg Papa

Prediction: Warriors in five or less

Let it play out. NFL draft can’t interfere with a Warrior playoff game.

Bonta Hill

Prediction: Warriors in five

The sight of the Spurs may be the best thing to happen for the Warriors.

For a team that hasn’t been able to “flip the switch,” Popovich will devise a game plan that forces the Warriors to be crisp, and without the services of Stephen Curry, the margin of error is slim.

Ball security, defensive lapses, and slow starts are a no-no against a Spurs team that’s making its 21st straight postseason appearance.

With all that said, the Warriors will win this series in five games. The Spurs are an atrocious road team, winning only 14 road games this season. Warriors will protect homecourt, steal one down in the Alamo, and hopefully, be ready to rock with Stephen Curry in the second round…

Damon Bruce

Prediction: Warriors in six

Golden State has some issues to work through having played so poorly down the stretch. Curry's absence is palpable. I expect Quinn Cook to pass his first playoff test, but he's about to graded on a Coach Pop playoff curve. Not easy.

The Warriors drop two games, but never gives San Antonio control, or gets truly threatened in this series. As a matter of fact, if Klay is out there signing toasters and Nick Young shows up big one night ... it's Warriors in five. Based on April's returns, a sweep would be remarkable and I just don't see it. Barring a major Durant injury, there is no way they get upset ... here.


Chris Townsend

Prediction: Warriors in five

I’ll give them one.


Roxy Bernstein

Prediction: Warriors in five  

Warriors will find their playoff stride in this series.  Without Kawhi, Spurs don't have the offensive firepower to match the Warriors, so they will have to get creative and try to turn it into slow down mode.  There is a lot of pride and experience with Pop and the Spurs locker room which I think will give them a way to win one game in this series, but that's it.


John Dickinson:

Prediction: Warriors in two

This is the perfect series for the Warriors to find themselves without Curry.

The San Antonio brand provides enough appropriate fear (without being an actual threat in terms of talent) for Golden State to play buttoned up and defensive minded while filtering their offense through Kevin Durant.

Popovich will be looking to start his vacation early and just stay in the Bay Area for its wine and fine dining as opposed to heading home for Game 3-4 after the Warriors stifle his team in the first two at Oracle.​

Rick Tittle

Prediction: Warriors in six  

Pop will squeeze two wins out of his Spurs.

The Warriors will not “flip a switch” but they will rise to the occasion. But Klay cannot be quiet. They can’t just iso KD all the time. If it’s 2-2, they will tape up Curry and throw him out there.  


Mychael Urban

Prediction: Warriors in four

Why? Because even without Steph, the Warriors are still the Warriors.

Without Kawhi, the Spurs are not the Spurs. And Ron Adams has likely unleashed a season’s worth of disgust regarding their defense in recent film study, perhaps threatening bodily harm if the boys don’t tighten things up, so expect to see that happen in a huge way.  

Also, KD’s counterproductive propensity to play Hero Ball will have been suitably addressed by Draymond and Kerr, so the magical services of Nick U’Ren will not be required in this round


Matt Kolsky

Prediction: Warriors in six

If I had any courage whatsoever I'd have picked the W’s in 5. The Spurs are old, tired, and without Kawhi Leonard. Draymond usually eats LaMarcus Aldridge's lunch. This should be relatively easy.


Joe “The Butcher Boy” Shasky

Prediction: Warriors in four

Athletic bigs like Durant historically destroy the Spurs in the playoffs and I just don’t see how they can slow him down. With the absence of Kawhi, I just don’t see how the Spurs match our firepower.

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