95.7 The Game hosts offer their Warriors-Rockets predictions

All your favorite 95.7 personalities tell you what to expect in the Western Conference Finals

May 11, 2018 - 5:33 pm

Warriors. Rockets. Curry. Harden. Durant. Paul. Thompson. Capella. Green.

The Western Conference Finals the entire NBA universe has all been waiting for finally begin on Monday at the Toyota Center in Houston. Tip is at 6 pm on 95.7 The Game. Warriors Warm-up begins at 4:30.

In the interim, all your favorite 95.7 The Game hosts are here to get you locked in and offer up their series predictions. Here. We. Go.


Joe Fortenbaugh

Prediction: Warriors in 6

Warriors win Game 1 (grab the +2)

Rockets rebound in Game 2 to even the series

Warriors win Games 3 and 4, extending their home playoff winning streak to an NBA-record 17

Rockets stay alive with a Game 5 win in Houston

Warriors end it at Oracle in Game 6


Lorenzo Neal

Prediction: Warriors in 6

The Beard and company will chuck the 3-ball like no other and give the ol’ Dubs a fight.... but in the end, the Warriors experience and want-to will lift them to the NBA Finals for a 4th straight year vs LeBron!


Dan Dibley

Prediction: Warriors in 6

The team that wins Game 1 wins nearly 80% of the time in the Conference Finals and this series will follow the form. Dubs earn a split in Houston after stealing Game 1, then sweep the pair at home before falling in Game 5. A home clinch in Game 6 sends them to the NBA Finals for a fourth straight year.


Matt Steinmetz

Prediction: Warriors in 6

Too much talent, too much chemistry, too much experience. Rockets will have their moments but Warriors will be in control all series.


Daryle “The Guru” Johnson

Prediction: Warriors in 5

Look the DUBBS are the best team in basketball when clicking on all cylinders.  The ROCKETS pose a daunting task but they just don’t have the BASKETBALL IQ to win the series. GSW IN 5!! Book it.

Greg Papa

Prediction: N/A

The Warriors are going to annihilate them. Don't know how many games. Just watch and enjoy.


Bonta Hill

Prediction: Warriors in 4

Steph Curry moving around laterally on the defensive end concerns me because the Rockets will do everything in their power to get him switched onto James Harden and Chris Paul. But that's my only worry. The Warriors silently have salivated over this matchup. They'll relish the challenge of playing the first two games on the road, and heck, they may win both! Let's have some fun. I'm taking the Warriors in a sweep.


Damon Bruce

Prediction: Warriors in 6

Warriors have the talent and experience ... all they need now is time. Houston is good enough to be Golden State's most worrisome foe in years, but the fact remains their odds to take this series are still slim.

Houston wins game two games, but after fighting so hard to get that game seven on their floor, the Rockets will never see it happen. Durant's mismatch, Curry's shooting, with Klay and Dryamond's defense punching their ticket back to the Finals at Oracle, Saturday, May 26th in Game 6.

Chris Townsend

Prediction: Warriors in 5 games

The fangs finally come out and the Rockets are in big trouble.


John Dickinson

Prediction: Warriors in 4

Too much isolation, too many bad shots and too much pressure on James Harden, Chris Paul and Mike D’Antoni for a champions blooded Warriors team enjoying the challenge of starting a series on the road to not win Game 1.

It all snowballs on Rockets from there as the pressure mounts and Warriors win Game 2 before returning to a raucous Oracle Arena to put the finishing touches on a 4-0 Conference Finals sweep. Bottom line, the Warriors are still the better team defensively and both Golden State’s stars and bench players are more apt to be more efficient on offense.


Roxy Bernstein

Prediction: Warriors in 6

To quote the great Rick Flair, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man."  Well, the Rockets have been obsessed with the Warriors, now they get their chance and what they wanted.  But be careful what you wish for. Beating the Warriors in the regular season is one thing, but in the playoffs it's totally different.  The Warriors are motivated and are coming in to the series with a chip on their shoulder, which is a bad thing for the Rockets.


Matt Kolsky

Prediction: Warriors in Si--- NO, FIVE!!

I am completely confident the Warriors win the series. I don't believe the Rockets D can hold up, and I think a motivated Draymond Green squashes the damage that Clint Capela did during regular season matchups. Picking five games instead of six is just me aggressively disrespecting the playoff credentials of Chris Paul and James Harden.


Mychael Urban

Prediction: Warriors in 5

Preach, Day-Day!  So the Rockets were built to beat the Warriors. Guess what? So was every other team in the NBA. How’s that been working out?

Rick Tittle

Prediction: Warriors in 6

They win the West in Oakland.  I predict a total of eight technicals, two flagrants, three Twitter battles and a proper hissy-fit with handbags at dawn.


Joe “The Butcher Boy” Shasky

Prediction: Warriors in 4*

Put my prediction down: sweep on Houston. We are out to make a statement and I think it’ll be the most focused Warrior series yet.

They are out to prove a point and I expect them to dismantle the Rockets especially in Games 1 and 2 on the road. This will be the Finals for them, and the focus will be laser like. Warriors SWEEEEEEP.

Clicking on all cylinders at just the right time & rested motivated and healthy — a lethal combination.

*Joe sent in his prediction during the third quarter of the Warriors’ Game 5 series-clinching win in the Western Conference semifinals.

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