For the 1st time since losing Jimmy G, the 49ers finally get a win

In lopsided Thursday night affair, 49ers played for pride, Raiders looked to be collecting a check

Tommy Call
November 01, 2018 - 9:44 pm

For the first time since Jimmy Garoppolo's ACL tear, everything came together for the general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan's regime on Thursday Night Football.

Yes, It was against the now 1-8 Raiders. Yes, winning hurt their draft position, but don’t say this game was meaningless.

For the first time since Nov. 12, 2017, they won a game without Garoppolo.

Shanahan and Lynch were 1-17 without Garoppolo heading into the meeting with the Raiders. A glaring stat that loomed over not only this regime, but this locker room.

Winning a game against an inferior opponent is one thing, but dominating from start to finish is another. It was a win many have waited for the 49ers to produce. It was a win that, at times, felt out of reach.

After blowing late leads to the the Packers and Cardinals the 49ers didn’t take their foot off the gas. Shanahan leaned heavy on the run once the 49ers took the lead. The play calling wasn’t pass happy it was balanced — an issue many detractors have been pointed to as of late. Against the Raiders, he shut them down.

In a night of reprieve, Shanahan and Lynch weren’t the only ones feeling better heading into the locker room with a win.

Robert Saleh’s defense played their best game in his tenure as defensive coordinator. Again, yes, I know it was the Raiders putrid offense, but this team has lost two games to Arizona, so any good performance counts.

The 49ers held Derek Carr to 140 passing yards, the lowest of the season. They racked up eight sacks, the most since Jan. 3, 2010 vs. the St. Louis Rams. It was a pinnacle moment for not only Salah, but another scrutinized 49er, Solomon Thomas.

Thomas had one of his best games of his pro career. He was all over the field, creating regular pressure against a stout Raiders interior offensive line. Every play Thomas is on the field he will be being evaluated for the future, tonight was the first night he proved worthy of being drafted third overall.

Our last sentimental game ball we will hand out goes to you, the fans. That’s what this game is about, this specific game more than others. This season has been filled with negativity and criticism. For a night, that’s not the case.

This game wasn’t about records, it wasn’t about draft position. It was about brother vs. sister, neighbor vs. neighbor, employee vs boss.

Everyone in the Bay Area knows the Raiders-49ers rivalry and the Niners slammed the book shut. In a game that’s changed to being all about money, tonight the 49ers played for pride, while the Raiders looked to just be collecting checks

They exposed the Raiders in every facet of the game. The Raiders looked like they quit on Gruden right there on the field, while the 49ers had practice squad players like Nick Mullens and Raheem Mostert stepping up to fight.

For the first time in 2018, it’s a game to be proud of.

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