‘Maybe we need to talk, Bob’ — Kerr’s great reaction to Gruden’s $100 million deal

Warriors HC talks Gruden’s contract and KD’s calf on ‘The Damon Bruce Show’

Karl Buscheck
January 05, 2018 - 6:16 pm

Steve Kerr swung by “The Damon Bruce Show” on 95.7 The Game and offered up his opinion on the story of the day — Jon Gruden’s reported $100 million deal with the Raiders.

“I’m actually thrilled (about it) because Bob Myers and I had a conversation this morning and I said, ‘You know, Bob, Gruden’s got one title and I’ve got two. And a hundred mil over 10 years? I don’t know. Maybe we need to talk, Bob.”

“So, that’s that conversation,” Kerr added with a laugh.

Kerr went on to admit that the length of the contract does surprise him.

“10 years  is nuts in the coaching world," Kerr said. “10 years is like a hundred, actually, in coaching. But everything seems crazy and out of whack but this is the world. So, you’re worth whatever you can negotiate and good for Jon.”

“I think it will be fun to have him in the Bay Area. It will bring an excitement to Raiders and I wish him well. I hope he does really well.”

On a more serious note, Kerr provided the latest update on Kevin Durant, who missed Thursday’s win over the Rockets. KD was in Austin on Friday after making a record-setting $3 million donation to the University of Texas.

“We haven’t had a chance to see him. I haven’t had a chance to talk to the training staff,” Kerr said. “But if there’s any question, at all, he won’t play because it’s just not worth it for us or for him. But we’ll see. Hopefully this thing will respond quickly and he won’t be out for too long.”

Check out the full interview with Kerr in the podcast below:

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